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In 2003 Wales Millennium Centre became the UK's first Tessitura Licensee and we have since become leaders in its application and development. 

Tessitura was developed specifically for the needs of arts, cultural and entertainment organisations and provides a 360-degree CRM platform for all aspects of customer interaction.  The Tessitura Network of users is comprised of more than 400 of the world's premiere arts and cultural organisations united by a common technology need to achieve operational excellence. Its Network members include theatres, orchestras, performing arts centres, festivals, dance companies, opera companies, museums and university arts affiliated departments and venues.


The Centre uses Tessitura for a wide range of operational and strategic needs, including:

- Ticketing, subscriptions, box office operations
- Complete customer relationship management
- Marketing and list management
- Fundraising, memberships, sponsorships, contributions
- Flexible reporting, executive information systems, and analysis tools
- Extensive web capabilities
- Front-of-House operations
- Business intelligence tools which include comprehensive customisable reporting, dashboards and T-Stats the inbuilt data mining tool.

…and benefits from a range of bolt-on software packages that seamlessly link to Tessitura:

- Wordfly (for email marketing and elist management)

Tessitura software is continually developing its software and had itself developed a range of new products in response to changing consumer behaviour:


TN Express Web™ (TNEW): an express solution for achieving real-time web transactions that fully integrate with Tessitura and an existing website. With minimal implementation costs and overheads, TNEW provides affordable and quick-to-market web functionality designed for arts organisations that need a straightforward, secure hosted ecommerce web purchase path with many options but without costly customization.


TN Mobile Plus™: in response to the exponential growth of mobile and tablet use, TN Mobile Plus makes it possible for your customers to purchase tickets from any device. TN Mobile Plus™ seamlessly integrates your Tessitura ticketing system with a suite of mobile apps to provide patrons with a fast and easy way to purchase tickets. Full integration means that you enter event information data only once in Tessitura, and your mobile app is always in sync with your website and your marketing plan.


TN Social Ticketing™: a ticketing transaction path that fully integrates Facebook and your Tessitura database. Your patrons can view available performances, securely purchase a ticket, share that purchase with their Friends and invite their Friends to join them - all without ever leaving Facebook. Each attendee purchases his or her own ticket (and adds their information to Tessitura) through your organization's own secure purchase path.


The Tessitura Network is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation governed by an elected Board of Tessitura users, and is financed by fees for applicable services and products in addition to a dues-based membership programme.


The Tessitura Network's core values are:

Collaboration -
The Network reinforces collaboration, openness, mutual respect, discovery, and inspiration in all of its activities.

Innovation - The Network is entrepreneurial and innovative. It engages in activities designed to anticipate and provide for the current and future business needs of its members while removing impediments to the successful fulfillment of their missions.

Excellence - The Network encourages and nurtures an ecosystem that attracts the best people who create, enhance, evolve and support the best products and services.

Egalitarianism - The Network is an organization where every member has equal access to services and benefits and in which members function both as its customers and owners.

Community - The Network is a member-centric, community driven organization that fosters a trusted environment for member and staff involvement and participation.


As well as being the best product on the market that meets Wales Millennium Centre's needs, it is these values that led to the Centre to acquiring the product in 2003 and become the first UK licensee holder.

Find out more about the Tessitura Network at