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SOLT Theatre Tokens - Frequently Asked Questions

SOLT Theatre Tokens - Frequently Asked Questions 

Wales Millennium Centre has taken the decision to withdraw from selling and / or redeeming SOLT Theatre Tokens as of end of business on 31 August 2013.

Why are we no longer selling Theatre Tokens?

Wales Millennium Centre has its own Gift Certificates which have been used successfully by our customers since 2005. As more customers are opting to use these, the range of products that can be purchased using our Gift Certificates improves and coupled with the fact that customers can now purchase and use our Gift Certificates online, we no longer feel it is necessary to continue to use Theatre Tokens as well.

I have some Theatre Tokens that I have not yet used - what shall I do?

You can use them at the Centre up until end of business on 31st August 2013. After this time, you will need to use your Theatre Tokens at other participating theatres in the area.
Theatres locally which accept these are: St David's Hall, New Theatre, Sherman Theatre and The Riverfront, Newport.

How have you communicated this change in policy to customers?

We changed our payment method section in our terms and conditions on both our website and season brochure.
We have included details of the change in letters to both our Group Bookers and Promise members.
We have contacted customers who regularly use large values of Theatre Tokens by phone.
We have advised customers via the monthly E-News update in August.

What are the advantages of purchasing Wales Millennium Centre Gift Certificates?

Our Gift Certificates can be used online, over the phone or in person (whereas we could only accept Theatre Tokens over the phone or in person).
Gift Certificates can be used to purchase tickets for shows, tours, workshops plus pre-show meals in ffresh - our restaurant. You can also use Gift Certificates to purchase memberships, car-parking, souvenir programmes - anything we sell online or over the phone.
Gift Certificates can be bought at any denomination - so you can buy exactly enough for a show ticket. And once you use your Certificate you will be given the exact change.

Can you use your Gift Certificates at other venues?

No. Gift Certificates can only be redeemed directly at the Centre. However they can be used to purchase any shows which we are selling, which can include performances at other selected venues.

Is there an expiry date for Gift Certificates?

Yes - 12 months from the date of purchase.

You can opt to extend your Gift Certificates for another 12 months for a small administration fee, providing that you advise us of this BEFORE the Certificate expires, so that we can exchange it for a new Gift Certificate which displays the new expiry date.