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Get involved with Radio Platfform, Wales Millennium Centre's youth-led radio station.  

The aim of the station is to be a platform for young people to express their voice, produce their own shows, develop broadcasting skills through creation of radio content, and provide accredited training and shadowing opportunities within the media industry. Anyone aged 16-25 can apply, no previous radio experience is necessary! 

Taster workshop
Radio Platfform offers taster sessions, one-off and bespoke workshops for various groups. This is an excellent way for groups to gain an insight into the project and our newly-launched radio station, and to inspire young people to join the training programme.

6-week training programme
Full accredited radio training is provided by Promo Cymru and The Sprout, hosted at the radio station space at Wales Millennium Centre. 2 hour sessions, one evening a week, and the course lasts for 6 weeks. The training programme will guide young people through every element of the radio industry, from presenting, producing, scripting, editing, interviews, content, as well as learn other career-based skills. A showcase graduation event is held at the end of each training course to celebrate and shout about the work that the young people have completed during their training programme. 

Radio producing and presenting
After graduating from the 6-week Radio Platfform training course, young people can choose to follow other avenues, or they can continue to stay with Radio Platfform to produce and present their own radio show! This is where we see emerging young talent and see our young people growing creatively as individuals and within our Radio Platfform hub. 

Current shows range from Drum 'n Bass, Hip-hop and Grime specialist shows, to shows based around themes such as politics, films, cultural events, reviews, and even a show that's based on a future planet!

By staying on the Radio Platfform programme, the young people will gain access to wider opportunities and development prospects. These include becoming a member of the steering committee, maintain the social media sites, applying for internship roles, deliver their own workshops, have continuous personal development training and a more in-depth radio training course. Radio Platfform is currently developing a BTEC qualification which we're hoping to enrol in the near future.

Platform for voice
This innovative digital project enables participants to develop their broadcasting skills through creation of radio content as well as an opportunity to express themselves and represent their communities via a number of online platforms. The content is chosed by young people. This is a great engagement tool for young people and we hope that it will serve to create a strong online community and promote the passion and importance of the arts for the people of Wales; nationally and internationally. 

Radio Platfform is funded by The Big Music Project and Global Media (Capital, Capital Xtra, Heart). The team have exchanged visits with other youth-led radio stations such as Roundhouse Radio and Reprezent Radio, and we're currently building a relationship with the BBC. We also work with youth organisations and deliver bespoke radio training sessions to groups such as Foster Network and Menter Caerdydd.

To apply, please contact us at or visit

twitter-darktheme @radioplatfform

Facebook: Radio Platfform



  • Girls Girls Girls - Heather and Sarah
  • Underground music show with Kalo  - Cal
  • Wild Beast Theatre
  • Meaningless Culture Drop - Dan
  • Deta and Kyle
  • New in a minute
  • Fyouture Predictions
  • Manon Williams Show