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Edwards Scissorhands Curtain Raiser

Here at the Centre, we're all about offering unique artistic experiences to as many people as possible. So we were excited to see New Adventures returning to our stage with Matthew Bourne's Edward Scissorhands offering us the opportunity to follow up on the success of our 2014 Curtain Raiser Project by working with the company's education arm, Re:Bourne, once again. 

This time, we worked with Ferndale Community School near Rhondda, where we found 300 eager participants (including staff and pupils) ready to strut their stuff. Alan Vincent of New Adventures and Sian Rowlands, a local dancer and choreographer, spent a week at the school introducing the pupils and staff to dance and teaching them the choreography.

After much deliberation, these 300 participants were whittled down to just 30 budding dancers who were chosen to represent the school at the final performance in our Donald Gordon Theatre; these performers were all aged between 11 and 15 and some had no previous dance experience at all. Following just a week of rehearsals with Alan and Sian, these participants took to our stage on 13 March 2015 with their specially choreographed piece, raising the curtain on a performance of Matthew Bourne's dance-theatre, Edward Scissorhands.