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Devising Dahl

Devising Dahl was an additional layer to Land of Song for five primary schools from Communities First areas across Wales. Pupils worked with Artists Caryl Parry Jones and Ed Holden to write and record their own Roald Dahl inspired songs.

Listen to one of their inspiring creations


Clydach, Abertawe \ Swansea
(Danny Champion of the World)
'Mr Victor Hazell'

Mr Victor Hazell owns a brewery
He's a roaring snob on that we all agree
A nasty crusty wart
Who never gives a thought
For anyone below him.


Mr Victor Hazell,
A sly, obnoxious weasel,
Pink as a ham from too much beer,
Mr Victor Hazell.

Smug and sly and pompous in his big Rolls Royce
Shouting out his orders in his booming voice,
He thinks he owns the road,
The snotty, crusty toad,
The greedy, selfish prat is out to snare you.


Lording over all the and on his estate,
All he likes to do is snitch and irritate,
His pheasants are all plump
And the spiteful, piggy-eyed lump
Can't wait for all his cronies to shoot them down!


Who does he think he is?
He's not the boss of anyone!
He needs bringing down a peg or two.
Shape up Mr Hazell, we're on to you!