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We really love dance - and judging by the ever-growing numbers of people coming to see dance at the Centre - a lot of you do too. We want as many of you as possible to experience the art form, so continue to programme a wide range of performances, many of which also offer free talks after selected performances so that you can find out more. You can also find a number of articles about dance on our website - it's a great place to start if you are new to the art form or simply if you want to find out more.

Dance in the Donald Gordon Theatre
Dance in the Weston Studio
Articles & Exhibitions
Events in The Dance House


Learning & Participation

There are a number of learning and participatory opportunities that we offer school, education and community groups through our dance programme. Contact our Learning & Participation Team on or call 029 2063 4632 for more information on the opportunities available.


Community Liaison

Hannah Wynn Jones is the Centre’s Marketing Officer for Community Liaison. Her work involves forging connections with local communities and groups, seeking out opportunities to work with the people of Wales, bringing them closer to what we do at the Centre. She is always out and about talking to people, but if you would like to chat some more about how she can get you more involved with our dance programme get in touch on or 029 2063 6453