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Filming & Photography


Wales Millennium Centre welcomes visitors to the Centre to photograph, film or video images of the building for personal use only.  For show images please call the Press Office 

All filming and photography at Wales Millennium Centre (other than personal photography or filming with hand-held camera) is by permit only. There is a specific clause in our regulations which forbids the taking of photographs and filming in the Centre for commercial purposes without written permission. All requests for filming or photography should be discussed with the Press Office and if provisionally agreed, full details must be submitted in writing by the interested party to the Press Office at least 7 days in advance.

The images below may be downloaded for press and personal use but not for commercial purposes (the photographer must always be credited). High resolution versions of these images are available in the Press Members Area. Register for access or login if you’re an existing member.


Wales Millennium Centre External

WMC-External - 01-thumb  WMC-External - 02-thumb WMC-External - 03-thumb WMC-External - 04-thumb WMC-External - 05-thumb
WMC-External - 06-thumb WMC-External - 07-thumb WMC-External - 08-thumb WMC-External - 09-thumb WMC-External - 10-thumb
WMC-External - 11-thumb WMC-External - 12-thumb 


Wales Millennium Centre Internal

WMC-Internal - 01-thumb WMC-Internal - 02-thumb WMC-Internal - 03-thumb WMC-Internal - 04-thumb WMC-Internal - 05-thumb
WMC-Internal - 06-thumb WMC-Internal - 07-thumb WMC-Internal - 08-thumb 


Donald Gordon Theatre

Donald-Gordon-Theatre - 01-thumb Donald-Gordon-Theatre - 02-thumb Donald-Gordon-Theatre - 03-thumb Donald-Gordon-Theatre - 04-thumb Donald-Gordon-Theatre - 05-thumb



WMC-History - 01-thumb WMC-History - 02-thumb WMC-History - 03-thumb WMC-History - 04-thumb WMC-History - 05-thumb
WMC-History - 06-thumb WMC-History - 07-thumb WMC-History - 08-thumb