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Important Information


Code of Conduct

Wales Millennium Centre is a working theatre and would like to remind all company members of the following:

  • Do not run whilst in the building
  • Be mindful of your volume (A rehearsal could be happening nearby)
  • Wear your company IDs at all times
  • Be aware of tailgating.  Is the person coming in behind you wearing their ID?
  • Report accidents and incidents as soon as they happen
  • Do not bring bikes into the building (Bike racks are available at the front of the building)
  • Keep all dressing room pin codes confidential
  • Do not lend your swipe cards to other people
  • Do not bring dogs into the building unless they are part of the show or a guide dog


Emergency Procedures

In the event of an emergency, please exit the building calmly and head to the designated rendezvous point. The Visiting Company Manager will be required to assist in a roll call.


Accident Information

If an accident occurs please contact Stage Door (ext.4630) immediately who will contact St John's Ambulance, a qualified first aider or call an ambulance if necessary. Please give full details of the location of the injured persons and any additional information that may be relevant and always state your name.

There is a fully equipped first aid room located on the ground floor behind the ticket desk.
If you do have an accident on the premises, please complete an Accident Report Form, available from Stage Door.



Wales Millennium Centre has security available 24 hours a day on ext. 6666 (from any internal phone)


Child Performers

All children must be chaperoned at all times, from entering the building to leaving.  Children should be reminded that Wales Millennium Centre is a working theatre and they should behave accordingly.  For further information, please refer to our Chaperone Policy.


Personal Items

Wales Millennium Centre cannot accept any liability for damage to, loss or theft of personal property on its premises.  You are strongly advised not to leave money or valuables unattended at any time. Padlocks are available from Stage Door for a deposit of £5.00. 


Wales Millennium Centre and the Environment

In order to comply with its Environment Policy, Wales Millennium Centre asks that members of visiting companies:


  • If you're the last person to leave a room, please turn off lights
  • Conserve water
  • Keep windows closed
  • Think before asking for the heating or air conditioning to be turned up
  • Recycle in the bins provided around the building
  • Switch off all monitors and PCs at the end of the day
  • Report any water leaks immediately



Wales Millennium Centre is a smoke free building. If you wish to smoke, please do so in the designated smoking shelter at the side of the loading bay.


Health Services

NHS Direct
0845 4647 (24hr Line)
Wales Millennium Centre does not have a designated company doctor, but a number of surgeries take temporary patients at short notice. Please call the Business Service Centre for NHS Wales who will give you a doctor's surgery number which is still open and taking temporary patients.
Tel: 01495 332000

***Please note all doctors surgeries in Cardiff close on a Wednesday afternoon***