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Arrivals Information


Please can all guests take the time to read the important information relating to safety at the Centre. All guests will have access to our Visiting Company Pack (available in the dressing rooms), that contains everything you need to know about your stay here and the surrounding area.

We are extremely proud to be part of the Centre, and this is reflected in the quality of service we provide at every level.  We hope that you not only enjoy a successful visit to the Centre, but that you leave with happy memories that will inspire you to return again and again.


How to get to Wales Millennium Centre

The Centre is very near to a train station, bus stop and parking facilities, although there is no parking available on site. Please visit our Getting Here page for the latest travel information.


Company IDs and Swipe Cards

When you arrive at the Centre, you will be given a Company ID which you will be required to wear whenever you are in the building. This will mean that the security team can identify you as part of the company.  These IDs must be returned to Stage Door at the end of the run and any lost or stolen ones must be reported immediately. (A replacement or an unreturned ID will incur a £1 charge.)

In addition you may be allocated a swipe card on arrival, which will let you through the building.  It is important to swipe at Stage Door every time you enter and also when you leave the building.  If you do not have a swipe card, you must sign in and out manually every day at Stage Door and you will be given an eight digit pin code to let you into your dressing rooms.  (Any swipe cards that are lost or stolen whilst in your possession must be reported immediately and a replacement will be at a charge of £9.00)



Please make sure you inform Stage Door of any guests that you may be expecting.  Any unknown guests will not be let through the doors without permission. Also, all guests will need to be escorted backstage by a member of your company.


Dressing Rooms

It is essential to us that all our dressing rooms are kept to a good standard for all visiting companies using them. To assist us in maintaining this standard, we ask that you refrain from putting notices/posters on the walls and use the notice boards provided.

Please dispose of your rubbish in the bins provided, remembering to empty any liquid from cups and bottles before doing so. Keep personal belongings in cupboards and return any crockery and cutlery that you have used.  This will assist the cleaning team and ensure that your room is cleaned effectively.

We would also ask that you take care of the fabric and fixtures of the building and report any damages to Stage Door.  This will enable our Facilities Management team to deal with any necessary repairs quickly and effectively. Any damage found to the dressing rooms may result in a charge to the touring company.

In addition, when departing from Wales Millennium Centre, please ensure that you take all personal belongings with you, that items which are deemed rubbish are disposed of in the bin(s) provided and that any furniture which may have been moved around is put back in the original places/dressing rooms.


For further enquiries, please contact Stage Door:

Mon -Fri 8am-11pm | Sat 8am - 11pm | Sun 10am - 6pm
: 029 2063 4630