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Our Green Policies and Practices

Did you know Wales Millennium Centre is recognised as an example of best practice in terms of sustainability? 

We are committed to minimising our impact on the environment and to promote sustainability and environmental awareness. When we first opened our doors in 2004 our management team recognised the Centre's immense potential to consume large amounts of energy as well as to generate huge quantities of waste. The impact of this on C02 emissions and landfill in Wales could be considerable. Working in partnership with our staff and a range of organisations (including the Carbon Trust, Welsh Government, the National Assembly for Wales, Wales School of Architecture, Cardiff County Council and the British Standards Institution) the Centre developed a strategy and implemented a plan of action to reduce our environmental impact. This culminated in the Centre being awarded ISO 14001, the international standard in environmental management, the first independent large scale venue to have done so, in 2009.

 “This is one of the top 10 standards in the world and not one that is easy to win . . . . .The BSI team was very impressed and are very proud to have their name alongside Wales Millennium Centre” Sir David John, Chairman BSI (British Standards Institution)

ISO presentation

In 2011 we were pleased to re-enforce our commitment to sustainable development by signing up to Welsh Government's Sustainable Development Charter.

In 2012 we were delighted to have won the British Institute of Facilities Management Award for Sustainability and Environmental impact.

In 2012 the Centre was selected to be on the Emergence pilot group made up of 18 arts venues across Wales with the aim of raising awareness and standards in sustainability across the sector.  The Emergence project is facilitated by Creu Cymru, Julie's Bicycle, BRASS and Cynnal Cymru.

Energy Saving

Initiatives undertaken at the Centre have included:


  • Staff awareness campaigns and energy saving days
  • Setting up energy management team and monitoring and targeting systems
  • Installation of sub-metering to identify any areas where improvements can be made
  • installation of PIR sensors in back of house areas so lights automatically switch off when areas aren’t in use
  • Constant review of front of house lighting, introducing reduced wattage bulbs wherever possible.  We have recently installed LED lighting in Front of House and other areas are currently trialling LED technology in certain areas
  • Review of cooling systems and installation of separate cooling units for business critical areas such as IT and dimmer rooms to enable us to switch off the main air conditioning systems over the cooler months.
  • We have reduced our energy consumption by 45%,


With more than  1.5 million visitors a year and up to 1000 people working on site re-cycling is a top priority. As part of our 5 Year Strategic Plan we aim to segregate on site 65% of all waste by 2014/5. This will place us well ahead in meeting or exceeding the Welsh Assembly Government's target of 70% by 2025 We currently recycle: paper, cardboard, plastic, metal (including tins and cans), wood, batteries, waste electrical equipment, printer cartridges, food waste, clothing. 

Initiatives to increase recycling have included


  • Removing individual bins in the offices and replacing them with recycling stations
  • Reviewing our waste contractor to one that offers diversion from landfill,  some 85% of waste previously destined for landfill and now received by the new contractor is recycled.
  • Working with our waste contractor to identify new recycling streams - recently, for example, we recycled two tonnes of mattresses from the Urdd Hostel
  • Working with WRAP Cymru who have funding to installation of  recycling points in front of house areas, staff training and other initiatives to increase resource efficiency.


Saving Water 

We constantly monitor the amount of water we use and have decreased this by 50% since opening through monitoring and targeting initiatives.

Sustainable Travel

In association with staff we have introduced a travel plan designed to encourage use of more sustainable forms of transport to travel to and from work and also on business.
As part of the travel plan we have set up various initiatives including our very successful bicycle user group, which is recognised as an example of best practice by SUSTRANS

The Bike User Group

  • Arranges staff cycle rides both at weekends and lunchtimes
  • Has introduced Pool Bikes which can be used by any member of staff or resident organisation either to travel a short distance to a meeting or they can even take one home for a few days to try out cycling
  • Has obtained a Sustainable Travel City Travel Plan Grant to upgrade its cycle parking facilities and provide 30 additional spaces and additional bike shelters
  • Arranges Dr Bike maintenance and repair sessions
  • Arranges Cycle Safety training


We are also part of Cardiff Council’s Carshare2Cardiff scheme, and arrange regular  lunchtime walks to the local wetlands to raise awareness of walking and the wider environment.

We also encourage visitors to use sustainable forms of transport to travel to the Centre. So please take a look at the getting here section of our website for details on car sharing, public transport and information on cycling to the Centre.

Wales Millennium Centre has demonstrated best practice in terms of its environmental practices and is now viewed as exemplary site, which can serve as an inspiration to other organisations and companies, large or small, who are seeking to improve their environmental impact and credentials. 

Sourcing Local Produce

One of the key components of our sustainability strategy is our local sourcing initiative. In partnership with the Welsh Assembly Government’s Department of Food, Fisheries & Market Development Division the Centre has increased its range of local suppliers. Eighty per cent of the food purchased by the Centre is now sourced from Wales.


How are we doing?

We are always open to suggestions from our customers relating to our environmental work.So please let us know what you think we could be doing:

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Environmental Policy