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Recruitment Process

Your application and covering letter are our first point of contact with you. They are judged solely on merit and are our means of shortlisting candidates for interview. Please ensure all questions are answered clearly and succinctly but as fully as possible.

We strongly advise that you carefully read the job description, person specification and competency profile before you complete your application form. These include a detailed list of the skills and qualities we are looking for in candidates and serve as a guide, not only for ourselves, but for you as well.

The person specification and competency profile is split into two sections: essential and desirable. You should ensure that you meet all the essential criteria for the job and that you demonstrate fully how you meet that criteria in your application. The desirable section contains a list of skills, qualifications and experience that it would be beneficial for a candidate to have.

All shortlisting decisions will be based primarily on essential criteria. Desirable criteria may be used to further select or deselect candidates from amongst these as appropriate. We only interview those candidates who are the closest match to our specified criteria. Please complete the application form thoroughly. Forms which are not thoroughly completed are not acceptable and you will be discounted from the shortlisting process.

Please do not send CVs by themselves in place of the application form. As part of our recruitment process, an application form needs to be completed. Of course, you are quite welcome to enclose CVs with your application form, along with any other documents or information you may feel are relevant.