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Working here

About the Centre

Wales Millennium Centre opened in November 2004 and has established its reputation as one of the world’s iconic arts and cultural destinations.

Wales Millennium Centre aims to be an internationally significant cultural landmark and centre for the performing arts, renowned for excellence, leadership and innovation. Attracting audiences and visitors from the whole of Wales and well beyond, it will continue to provide a creative home for Wales’ leading arts and cultural organisations. In short, Wales Millennium Centre aims to:  

“…bring the best of the world to Wales and to showcase the best of Wales to the world…”

Wales Millennium Centre employs more than 350 staff and operates a diverse range of income-generating activities including the 1897 seat Donald Gordon Theatre, 250 seat Weston Studio, and a range of catering and retail operations. In addition the Centre runs an extensive Public Programme that includes education, community outreach, free performances, guided tours and activity sessions for families and young people.

Wales Millennium Centre’s Board of Trustees and Management Team are committed to achieving the dual ambitions of being internationally recognised whilst being strongly connected to Wales’ unique culture.  

For further information on the Centre’s operations please click on the portfolio’s below.