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Booking a ticket?

If you have just entered your payment details, it is possible the transaction has been completed successfully. To verify this, please contact the Ticket and Information Office on 029 2063 6464 with details of your order during opening hours

Please note: Any seats you have previously added to your basket are automatically locked by our ticket system for 30 minutes from the time they are were added to your basket. The seats will become available for sale again after this 30 minute period.


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Frequently Asked Questions...


To increase your chances of booking successfully during busy periods...

  • Book for one performance at a time
  • Select “Best Available” as your seating option.
  • Have your online account set up before purchasing your tickets.
  • Wait for the page to fully load before continuing.
  • Refrain from clicking links multiple times.
  • Double check your billing address and payment details before continuing.


How long do I have to book my tickets?

All transactions need to be completed within 30 minutes, from the time you add seats to your shopping cart. After this time, the seats in your shopping cart are automatically released for re-sale. Please leave enough time to set up an account (or log in if you already have an account) and for entering your payment details.


Why cant I select my own seat?

Occasionally, this function is unavailable. If you have specific seating requirements, please contact our Ticket and Information Office for assistance on 029 2063 6464.

If you booked the “Best Available” seats, you can use your seat row and number from your receipt to find your location on the seat map


How do I select my seat?

After choosing your desired performance, select your “Seating Area” and the “Number of Tickets” you require, then click “Select Seat”. When the seat map loads, click any available seat you want and wait until for it to turn green. When you’re happy with the seats you have chosen, click “Add to Basket”  


Why are the seats I originally chose no longer available?

Your seats may have expired from your shopping cart because the purchase wasn’t completed in 30 minutes. It is also possible to loose your seats due to a technical problem. If this happens, you   will have to wait the 30 minutes holding time before retrying or call the Ticket and Information Office on 029 2063 6464 with details of your order. 


Why are seats held for 30 minutes?

The seats you add to your shopping cart are automatically held for 30 minutes to prevent other customers from purchasing them while you’re completing the order.


Where are my seats?

If you know the row and seat number for the tickets your have purchased (this will be on your confirmation email) you can use the Seating Plan to find where you are sitting. Click here to download the seating plan


Why am I being asked for a password from my bank?

After submitting your payment details, please wait for an empty page to load that contains a login form provided by your bank. We are required to add this additional level of security, commonly referred to as an “online chip and pin”, to meet PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance in the UK. The login details for this page are set up and managed by your bank and you will need to contact them directly if you experience login problems.

Please make you press the “Submit” button on the page that follows to confirm and place your order.


I didn’t receive a confirmation email?

All orders placed on our website should generate an email confirmation. During times of high demand, these may take longer than usual to get delivered. Please wait 10 minutes, while checking your inbox and junk mail folder.  If is doesn’t arrive, please contact our Ticket and Information office on 029 2063 6464 with details of your order.


How else can I book my tickets?

Usually you can book through our Ticket and Information Office by visiting the Centre or calling 029 2063 6464 during opening hours. This may not be possible if, for example, an event has only gone on sale through the website.