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Dance House - NDCWales
Dance House presents:

Open Rehearsal with Fernando Melo

25 Jul - 08 Aug 2018

Tickets - FREE but ticketed  

Go behind the scenes with Brazilian choreographer Fernando Melo.

Want to know more about how we create and make dance? We open our rehearsal room doors so you can get a glimpse of what happens in the studio. 

Wednesdays during the creation process of our new work you can pop in for an hour and discover what we have been working on in the rehearsal.  You can see choreographer and dancers in action during the creative process, taking some of the mystery out of how work is created and giving a real behind-the-scenes taste of your National Dance Company.

You’ll also get to ask questions at the end in a candid, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You’re welcome to sketch or simply soak in the rehearsal.

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