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BBC Hoddinott Hall
National Theatre Wales


28 Jul 2018


Venue: BBC Hoddinott Hall, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff

Tickets: £10
Concessions: £7.50

Age Guidance: 14+ (No under 2s).


Skin is an event. Skin is a factory. Skin is a map. Skin is a leaking border. Skin is memory. Skin is time. Skin is global.

A day of events investigating the cultural, clinical and creative life of skin. Artists, dermatologists, scholars, skin disease sufferers and writers will present entertaining and informative insights into the everyday miracle that we so often take for granted. The day culminates with the premiere performance of Maria Fusco’s new work, ECZEMA!

ECZEMA! explores the life of eczema; a skin disease affecting an estimated 15 million people in the UK, including the writer herself. Exploring what it is like to live in co-occupation and incessant dialogue with eczema, Fusco’s black comedy will mingle the itching and scratching cycles of eczema into an absurdist, celebratory score of spoken word and music.


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