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Street Art Operas

Street Art Operas

10 – 13 October 2024

Street Art Operas is a new way of experiencing opera as a relevant, accessible and exciting form.

Created to be projected onto a wall, using the impact and language of Street Art but animated as operatic storytelling in music and listened to on Silent Disco Headphones. Imagine a Banksy coming to life and singing!

Like all Street Art, these new pieces will tell stories that are about NOW, with strong social and personal messages – how to discover and release your own creativity to fully express who you are, and a reflection on the climate crisis we have created and how nature might find a way to manage.

The Welsh Creative Teams include music creator Eädyth and composer Claire Victoria Roberts working in collaboration with street artists and animators, writers, physical performers and filmmakers.

Each piece will last around 10 minutes and will include text in English and Welsh – and Urdu - as part of the rich visual language.


By Unity, Eädyth, Sam Hussain and Jamie TC Panton

Inspired by Sufism and hip-hop culture, Rahmat-Mercy-Trugaredd reveals how creativity can be harnessed as a spiritual practice, following Sana as she pushes back against cultural and societal restraints to explore her innate creativity and claim her place in the world. In blending henna and graffiti-inspired visuals with powerful, soaring music, this uplifting work celebrates Sana’s journey of empowerment, as the world around her blossoms.

Out of Time

By Claire Victoria Roberts, Giselle Ty and Lauren Orme (Picl Animation)

A darkly comic and fantastical tale of a future apocalypse in which nature reclaims its beauty and abundance. Instead of human destruction and depletion, plants and animals rebel against extinction, disrupting everyday life to saturate streets and cities with kaleidoscopic colour. As the natural world thrives, is it too late to apologise to the Earth? From whimsical to psychedelic, an operatic rage ensues.

Music. Theatre. Wales. 
Re-imagining opera

Start times: 7.30pm, 8.30pm, 9.30pm

Running time: 20 minutes

Age: All ages. Please note, under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.