Scratch it

Scratch it

Rhys Cozens

Our Performances for the Curious season is brimming with innovative performances, guaranteed to tickle your senses but if you're new to theatre or unsure about a particular style of performance you might not want to gamble with your hard earned cash...

This is where our scratch performances and pay what you decide nights kick in.

We've developed them to get you thinking, take a chance on something new and open your eyes to a world of curious contemporary theatre.

So...what's a scratch performance?

Some of our productions are still being developed so scenes may change, lines might be rewritten or jokes tweaked.

Some artists might even ask audiences for feedback during or after a performance, so this is a rare opportunity to get involved in the creative process and help to shape a show that could go on to greater things.

Think of it as a creative, entertaining experiment and you get to pay whatever you feel is appropriate so it's perfect for creative types, risk takers and drama students.

You might pay a £1 or it could £20, the decision is yours, based entirely on your own experience and enjoyment on the night.

And in return, our visiting artists get a chance to showcase their latest work to a live audience and gain invaluable experience and feedback.

Pay what you decide...

Unlike our scratch performances these performances are the finished article and not in development.

This is where you'll stumble across our edgier, more risqué theatre... things you might not usually go and watch as we attempt to take you slightly outside of your comfort zone.

However we appreciate you might need a little incentive, so we're waving a very large theatrical carrot at you. You can pay whatever you want.

Again your own experience on the night will dictate the amount you drop into our collection buckets. No pressure, it could be 20p, it could be a fiver or it could be more. It's your choice.

Just pop your money into one of collection buckets at the end and that's it. Pay what you feel is right.

And in return we'll show you something out of the ordinary, something different, something curious - from dad to drag, cabaret to comedy, award-winning transgender theatre and some seriously good jazz.

It's an eclectic mix that you'll struggle to find (under one roof) anywhere else in the world.

So open your hearts, minds and wallets a little and come and see some great performances for less this autumn.