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Dewch i mewn

Young people are at the heart of decision making at Radio Platfform and lead the day-to-day running of our station.

They do it all – managing our social media channels, planning the schedules and running our workshops and much more.

Meet our current team…

Agathe Dijoud – Cardiff Studio Coordinator

Agathe is Studio Coordinator for the Radio Platfform station located in Cardiff. Her role is to welcome people into the station, as well as helping new members create their own shows. She also keep an eye on events happening in Wales and find opportunities to get the station involved.

Agathe hopes that everyone coming into the station feels safe, welcome and empowered to create radio content they love! Outside of Radio Platfform, she can be found walking around Bute Park, drinking a mocha at indie cafes, or dancing to Billie Eilish music.

Zuzana Kalinova – Porth Studio Coordinator

Zu has been involved in Radio Platfform since 2020 when she took part in one of our online training courses. Since then she has become a core part of the team and is now the Porth Studio Coordinator. Working with young people has become Zu’s passion and she loves being able to work alongside the teams from Sparc and Valleys Kids at The Factory in Porth. 

Zu came to live in Wales in 2018 to study for a degree in Music Business and fell in love with the country. She recently completed a master’s degree in PR and is now ready to fully immerse herself in work with young people and radio. In her spare time, Zu loves to dance Swing, play the guitar and read. She also loves to introduce people to her love of Czech Music through her podcasts, featured on Radio Platfform. Give Zu’s Czech Customs podcast a listen on Radio Platfform’s Mixcloud. 

She wishes to create an environment where young people can come and learn and do what they are passionate about in Radio Platfform.  

Katie Hill – Broadcast Technician

Katie is Radio Platfform’s Broadcast Technician. She joined the station in January 2023, completing the 6-week training and launching straight into her first radio series. Katie has a background in student and community radio, having presented and produced shows for the last few years, and wants to pursue audio production and editing as a career. Her favourite radio presenters are Scott Mills, Katie Thistleton, and Nat O’Leary.

Katie loves Radio Platfform and hopes it can be a welcoming and fun environment for all members. You can often find her hanging at the station, and she’s always willing to show people the studio and give them a hand at making radio!

Dylan Clarke – Outreach and Training Officer

Dylan is our Outreach and Training Officer here at Radio Platfform. He is experienced in working at and contributing to youth radio stations – whilst at Burn FM, he hosted weekly live shows for three years, produced multiple podcasts, and worked as Head of Podcasting and then Station Manager. He has experience working with BBC Radio Wales as part of a university placement, and is even writing a dissertation about BBC Sounds and the growth of podcasting in the UK.

Rhys Jones – Marketing and Events Officer

Rhys is the Marketing and Events Officer at Radio Platfform. Rhys completed his training course alongside two other staff members Dylan and Katie in January 2023, and since then has gone on to record his first radio show and podcasts.  

Outside of radio, Rhys is involved with environmental charities and his goal for this year is to make Radio Platfform Wales’ greenest radio station and create podcasts that help connect people with the natural world. He’s also a big football and Welsh music fan and a Welsh speaker. 

Rhys has adopted the sofa in Radio Platfform as his desk, so he’s often around if you ever decide to pop into the station for a recording or even a friendly chat in English or Welsh. Diolch!

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