Wales Millennium Centre (The Centre) believes that the safety and welfare of our employees and the public are integrally linked to environmental stewardship. As such, The Centre’s environmental policy is articulated in terms of safety and health as well as the environment. Our policy is based on the principles of continuous improvement, compliance with all relevant laws and regulations and pollution prevention. Our commitment to safety, health and environmental stewardship is defined in the policy statement outlined below.


Statement of Stewardship

The Centre is committed to conducting our business responsibly, so as to protect our employees, the public and the environment. We will not use raw materials or dispose of wastes unless we can do so in a safe and environmentally acceptable manner.

The Centre will strive to meet or exceed all applicable environmental laws and regulations which relate to the environmental aspects in all our business activities, as well as be responsive to the inquiries of other interested parties. We will achieve this by developing programs an environmental management system that meets the requirements of ISO 14001:2004 that and define these requirements and implementing procedures to assure and demonstrate compliance.

The Centre will strive for continuous and recurring improvement in our environmental performance. We will achieve this by measuring and monitoring our performance and completing regular reviews to plan for performance improvement.

The Centre will employ a preventative approach to environmental concerns. We will design and employ technologies and operating procedures, we will be prepared for emergencies, we will work to prevent or minimize releases to the air, land and water.

Our Beliefs and Values

Each employee must be provided with a safe and healthy work environment - and be supported by appropriate training on the expectations, skills and techniques needed for responsible performance of his or her work.

Every task must be performed with concern for the safety and health of ourselves, our fellow employees, contractors, visitors, customers, and the community and environment in which we operate.

Meeting our environmental commitment is:

an individual responsibility - behaviour consistent with this responsibility is a condition of employment

a management responsibility - doing this well is an important measure of managerial performance.

This policy statement is developed and endorsed by The Centre’s Executive Team and will be communicated to all employees at the time of their hire, at regular intervals as deemed necessary to refresh employees in the objectives of the policy and at any time the policy is revised or updated. The policy is reviewed at regular intervals by the Environment Management Team through the Management Review process. These regular reviews evaluate the policy relative to the nature, scale and environmental impacts of our operations and products.

The policy is made available to the public and other interested parties upon request.

Signed for Wales Millennium Centre:
Mathew Milsom - Managing Director