Our mission is to broaden people's horizons and offer every young person in Wales access to the arts.

We do this through creating digital learning experiences, practical skills workshops and courses, partnering with nationwide youth-led festivals and giving young people the opportunity to take part in world-class theatre productions.

Since opening in 2004, we have witnessed the transformational impact of the arts, especially for young people. We believe that every child deserves to experience the arts, and the pleasure and life enhancement that it brings.

Our vision

The arts can help build the skills needed to enjoy life such as creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking. These skills are also needed in every job, in every organisation.

In our 15-year history, over 70,000 people have participated in our learning and engagement programme.

Wales suffers pockets of child poverty with low educational attainment, related skills gaps and poor mental health.

Therefore, we focus our work on the communities that face challenges in accessing the arts, ensuring that the transformative power of art, culture and creativity is made available to the most vulnerable across Wales.

All our learning programmes are rooted in practical application; knowledge, skills, behaviours and abilities are developed through hands on learning.

Our activities offer young people the opportunity to find and express their voice and to develop their self-belief.

We partner with nationwide organisations who are experts in their field to co-create robust learning programmes and relevant opportunities to all participants.

Our programme

Our three core areas of learning through creativity are:

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