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Dewch i mewn

We're here to create joyful, life-enhancing experiences for young people in Wales to tell their stories and to be creative.

We want encourage the next generation to amplify their voices and develop creative skills essential to their future personal, social and economic wellbeing.

What we do...

Fuel Curiosity

We provide opportunities for young people to build creative confidence and potential by enabling them to tell their stories, in ways they want to tell them.

Kindle confidence

Singer Asha, playing a keyboard while singing into a microphone

We develop skills for life through creative experiences focusing on communication, resilience and an enjoyment of learning. 

Raise aspirations

We know culture has the power to inspire, fuel ambition and encourage self-belief so our work supports the development of a positive mindset.

Nurture the Future

Molly, stood talking into a microphone

We support the next generation of voices to believe in the art of the possible by encouraging young people to stand centre-stage and create a future Wales that reflects their aspirations. We do this by...

Making Space

Ezra sat in a radio studio talking to five young people at a workshop

Enabling young people to work creatively in physical and digital spaces owned and run by them.

Learning by Doing

Ensuring that we design content and experiences with young people that develop creative skills alongside work and life skills

Making connections

Young people dancing in a dimly lit room with pinkish light shining on them

Working with a diverse range of partners linking learning to life and supporting young people throughout to make positive change

We have already...

  • Committed to focusing on providing opportunities to those young people most impacted by adverse life experiences.
  • Put co-production at the heart of our programme design giving young people a say in the work that we create together.
  • Committed to developing maker spaces on site designed, developed, owned and run by young people.
  • Created and developed our Radio Platfform providing an opportunity for young people to learn new skills and a platform for their voices.
  • Committed to the development of Radio Platfform in Porth in partnership with Sbarc and Valleys Kids.
  • Connected with the Future Generations Commissioner through their Leadership Academy providing opportunities for young people to engage in the enterprise of nation building.
  • Built partnerships with Valleys Kids, Sbarc, Youth Arts Network Cymru and National Youth Arts Wales to share knowledge, skills and experiences.