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Ffwrnes Scratch Night 1 April

Weston Studio

1 April 2020 - POSTPONED

Ffwrnes Scratch Night 1 April

1 April 2020 - POSTPONED

Weston Studio

Unfortunately, the Ffwrnes Scratch Night on April 1 is being postponed due to the current situation with coronavirus. We will contact ticket bookers directly with more information.

Scratch nights are an opportunity for artists to try new ideas, different styles and raw concepts.

They might ask for feedback to help shape their next phase of development or just see how it feels to perform their work in front of a live audience for the first time.

This April we’re hosting a series of four Scratch nights, each with at least three pieces.

Take a chance on something new and book your seat for just £1 – then bring along some cash and ‘Pay What You Feel’ at the end of the night with 100% of the donations going directly to the artists.

Jeremy Linnell – Dealbreaker

Dealbreaker is an interactive physical comedy involving line dancing, power poses, mindfulness and a gangbang in Swansea.

Join Jeremy: professional idiot, hopeless romantic and certifiably crazy in this piece currently in development as he explores love, values, identity and mental illness.

Philippa Mannion – Trench

“As to why these streams and rivers flow like this, there are many theories and hypotheses as to why we’d stand on the edge of a riverbank and wait for the land to swallow us up why we wait to fall in, your guess is as good as mine.”

Trench is a story about the seismic shifts in relationships, about land falling into the sea, about the gulfs between people, about continents drifting apart.

Neil Bebber – Gull

A rehearsed reading of Gull

In the near future, gulls have bred out of control across the UK. Huge cuts in public funding mean that litter remains piled high in the streets, crime is rife, and everything is coated in a white crust of bird shit. It’s Christmas card cute. Apart from the smell.

Emily is lucky to have a job, helping develop a vaccine to combat the rapidly spreading bird flu epidemic.

Martin has to join the crowds, hoping to be chosen for menial work, which has recently meant burying the dead. None of this is helping with his OCD.

Salima will do anything, rather than return to her family in Scotland. Keeping an eye on Martin in exchange for a bed and three meals a day is a no-brainer. And pretending to be a non-English-speaking refugee whenever he was around, no problem.

Scratch nights are part of our commitment to nurture talent in Wales, provide a platform for new voices and fuel fresh trains of thought. 

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Age guidance: 14+

Start time: 7pm

Running time: Approximately 1 hour 45 minutes (including one interval)

Weston Studio

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Weston Studio