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The Beauty Parade

A Wales Millennium Centre & Kaite O'Reilly Production

5 – 14 March 2020

Weston Studio

"We are the secret moon squadrons. Dropped by moonlight to set Europe ablaze."

It’s the 1940s, deep in wartime, men are fighting on the front line and women don’t engage in armed combat; they keep the fires burning, the factories going, and the children fed at home. Or so we were told...

Pioneering theatre-maker Kaite O’Reilly collaborates with composer Rebecca Applin and performer/visual language expert Sophie Stone to expose one of the most unique operations of the Second World War; whereby ordinary women were plucked from obscurity and parachuted behind enemy lines.

These falling women, spiralling through the dark became saboteurs and silent killers. Sent to spy, to eavesdrop, to encourage the spilling of secrets.

The project’s code name? The Beauty Parade.

A unique collaboration between Deaf and hearing artists, The Beauty Parade is captioned throughout and incorporates live music, evocative songs and visual language to tell one of the most extraordinary stories of the 20th century.

Inspired by true events, this moving production honours the unsung heroes, these invisible women, erased from history.

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Age guidance: 14+

This performance is about secret agents working in the field in the Second World War. As such it contains language, sound and images that reflect the nature of conflict.

Start time: 7.30pm. *On 9 March the show will start at 7pm

Running time: Approximately 1 hour with no interval

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Weston Studio

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Weston Studio