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Streaming in real-time to online audiences live from Rambert’s studios

Rambert: Summer Livestream

Marne van Opstal and Imre van Opstal, Marion Motin


15 - 17 July 2021




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Streaming in real-time to online audiences live from Rambert’s studios

Rambert: Summer Livestream

Marne van Opstal and Imre van Opstal, Marion Motin

15 - 17 July 2021


Rambert return for their latest online live performance with a double bill featuring a new work from Marne van Opstal & Imre van Opstal, and Marion Motin’s Rouge.


Choreographers: Imre van Opstal and Marne van Opstal

We all have a body. So when did life become so artificial, we can’t remember what’s real? What is beauty? And how are we meant to attain an ideal state when we can’t agree what it is?

Siblings Marne van Opstal and Imre van Opstal (company dancers NDT, Batsheva) are among the hottest up-and-coming new choreographers on the scene. Rambert is always looking for exciting new voices, so we’ve invited them to unleash their fresh creative force on our dancers.


Choreographer: Marion Motin
Music: Micka Luna
Costume Design: Yann Seabra
Lighting Design: Judith Leray

Marion Motin is a French contemporary choreographer whose work frequently centres on strong female characters. Her choreography for Dua Lipa (IDGAF) and Christine and the Queens (Christine, Tilted) has a quirky hip hop vibe.

Rouge is what happened when we invited pop’s coolest choreographer to work with Rambert’s daring dancers. Now she’s back in the studio re-making Rouge with a new cinematographic twist.

“Like watching a movie, immersive and absorbing, yet easily the most technically sophisticated live dance production I’ve seen since theaters closed”

New York Times on Rambert’s Draw from Within

Age guidance: 15+
The first of these two pieces contains some strong language, and may not be suitable for children. The piece confronts questions around body image and the dancers perform dressed in silicon “nude” suits, giving the impression of nudity while being fully covered.

Photosensitivity Warning
During the performance of Rouge, some scenes have a strobing effect that may affect viewers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy or other photo sensitivities.

Running Time: Approximately 55 minutes


This digital performance will be streamed live from Rambert Home Studio and is accessed using a unique 16-digit alphanumeric ticket code. This code will be included in your order confirmation email after purchase.

Tickets will go off sale 30 minutes before the performance is due to start, in order to give you time to receive your ticket code email, register at Rambert Home Studio, and get set up in time for the performance to begin.

Multiple prices are available for purchasing this online performance, to allow you to choose your price based on your current situation. When selecting your price, you might consider how many people in your household will be watching, and what you might usually spend on attending a live show. Thank you for your support.

Schools, Universities, Colleges and Dance Schools with students aged 12+ can get 10 tickets for the price of 7. This offer is not available online, to book please contact by 12pm on 9 July.


Please note that all performances are live and must be viewed at the advertised start time. As this performance is happening in real time, it is not pre-recorded and cannot be rewound or paused. 

We recommend you register to Rambert Home Studio and redeem your ticket code as soon as you receive it. Then you can also view some other free content on Rambert Home Studio ahead of the show, and test your audio settings in advance.

To watch this performance:

  • Register (free of charge) on
  • Enter your ticket code in your account on Rambert Home Studio. You can watch live on any device at the time of the performance.
  • If you experience any issues, please email for support
  • Once registered, you can sign back in on any device using your registration details
  • One hour prior to each performance, Rambert’s livestream player will go live with a holding visual so that you can test that the audio and video are working.

Click here to download a PDF with further details for how to redeem your ticket code and watch the performance.

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