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Facilities for the Visually Impaired


Front of House staff are available to assist patrons to a seat if required. They can also assist with ordering a taxi at the end of the night.


audiodescribedAudio Description

Audio description in theatre is a live verbal commentary providing a description of the visual elements of a production as it unfolds. It gives detail about stage sets, costumes, props and actors' facial expressions. Description is delivered during the quieter moments of the performance relayed via a headset linked to an infra-red audio system.  The description gives essential information to a person with a visual impairment which they might otherwise be unaware of. Audio described performances are available for appropriate productions.


Touch Tours

Audio Described performances are preceded by a Touch Tour. This Tour is specifically intended for partially sighted patrons and it provides them with a tactile experience of the set, costumes and props of the show they are about to hear. Each Touch Tour commences an hour and fifteen minutes before the advertised main performance time and lasts for approximately one hour.  After the Tour, patrons are advised to be seated in the auditorium 15 minutes before the main performance begins ready to hear the Audio Described introductory broadcast for the show.

Patrons wishing to attend the Touch Tour should register their place at the time of booking their tickets for the main performance. The tour meeting place is at the North end of the concourse at the Silver Dragon.  A qualified member of the Front of House team will lead the Tour. Please note there may be last-minute changes to the schedule because of technical or cast circumstances beyond our control. Touch Tours are subject to stage availability and the number of places is limited so reservations must be made in advance.



Seinheiser headsets for Audio Description and the loop system can be collected from the cloakroom situated on the Glanfa concourse. Alternatively you can book through the ticket office on 029 2063 6464.


Guided tours for visitors with a visual impairment

Experience a tactile journey through our iconic building, from the cool smooth slate on the exterior to the warm woods in the Donald Gordon Theatre. Enhanced by a live description from our experienced tour guides you'll get to experience the Centre in a truly unique way. Please click here for more information.


Guide Dogs

Guide dogs are welcome in all areas of the Wales Millennium Centre. If you would like your dog to remain with your during the performance please ask our ticket staff for suggested seating. Alternatively you could leave your dog with a member of the front of house staff during the performance.


Fire and Emergency

Refuges for customers with limited mobility are located in the inner lobbies between the foyer and auditorium. In the event of an emergency you will be escorted to the nearest refuge by a member of staff. If you have a dog with you, the dog should go to the refuge. If your dog is not with you, a member of the Wales Millennium Centre management will reunite you later.