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The Vision

Unmistakably Welsh and internationally outstanding

The architects brief was to create a centre Unmistakably Welsh and Internationally Outstanding. Wales’ identity is conveyed through the materials used to build the Centre. They connect to Wales’ culture, landscape, and history. 




Wood – 7 different Welsh woods have been used in our interior, symbolising Wales’ heavily forested woodlands
Slate – on our exterior walls, was taken from waste heaps from 4 of the historic slate industry quarries in North Wales. Slate evoked the architects’ memories of cliffs on Wales’ magnificent coastline in Ogmore and Southerndown, South Wales.




Steel – was a huge industry in South Wales, the steel used on our exterior shell comes from Pontypool
Glass –Swansea in South Wales has become home to a community of expert glass designers. The sheets of glass on our exterior have been stacked together and fused in a kiln to form solid blocks, making use of conventional glass in a unique way




Inscription – The striking bilingual inscription on the Centre’s exterior was written by poet Gwyneth Lewis


In These Stones Horizons Sing and, Creu Gwir Fel Gwydr o Ffwrnais Awen which translates as Creating truth like glass from the furnace of inspiration


Our inscription is a revival of the classic tradition commonly seen in Roman architecture recognising the influence of Roman culture upon our nation.