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Dewch i mewn
Dhun Dhora

Dhun Dhora

As part of Gŵyl 2021 Dhun Dhora took part in a digital version of Festival Voice in March 2021.

Dhun Dhora literally means: tunes (dhun) of the dunes (dhora) and this young super-group consists of master musicians from the deserts of western Rajasthan.

Hailing from the Manganiyar and Langa communities which go back centuries, these musicians have always been remarkable vocalists, instrumentalists, storytellers and genealogists, passing on their skill and knowledge through oral transmission.

Even today, it is said, a Manganiyar or Langa child will learn to sing first and then learn to cry.

The group blends vocal melodies (slow, fast, Sufi etc) with the sound of percussion instruments dholak and khartal to create a soulful and spiritual or vibrant and exuberant, foot-stomping and rousing repertoire, replete with traditional and contemporary compositions and beat cycles. 

The earthy, charming and dramatic personalities of the musicians are infused in their playing, communicating the authenticity of people committed to their roots, but happy to play with it and share it with the contemporary world.

The group is led by vocalist Dayam Khan Manganiyar and features the Dhol Drummers of Rajasthan. 

The group has played numerous times at the Jodhpur RIFF and at Serendipity Arts Festival in Goa. They have toured and played at Celtic Connections & Scotland, Festival Interceltique (France), in Mexico and at the Cervantino International Festival. 

In August 2019, they played as a part of ‘Shooglenifty: East West‘ at the Edinburgh International Festival, Scotland. In collaboration with Shooglenifty they also have an album out: Written in Water.

The Dhol Drummers of Rajasthan also have the unique distinction of being the only Indian music ensemble to have been invited to perform at the Glasgow Commonwealth games in 2014 as well as the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in 2018.