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Colourful artwork for Black History Month 2020

Black History 365

While we’re closed, we’re trying hard to use the building in other creative and safe ways and our huge windows provide the perfect backdrop to showcase some amazing community artwork.

For the past few months, we’ve been featuring artwork from the Mycelium Exhibition which we featured in our August blog.

Now our focus has switched to how we celebrate Black history and culture, for this month and beyond.

Cardiff Youth Council have been developing their response to #BlackLivesMatter and we’re happy we’ve been able to support them to develop and showcase their work here.

Local Welsh singer, Dame Shirley Bassey is just one of the iconic Black heroes you can see in the exhibition.
Local Welsh singer, Dame Shirley Bassey is just one of the iconic Black heroes you can see in the exhibition.

Their striking artwork for Black History Month, ’Welcome To Tiger Bay' is on the front of the building and we also have multiple stories that they have put together to showcase Black heroes which are are well worth a look too if you’re passing.

"We think that the development of Cardiff Bay has diminished the multicultural background and history of the area, which was previously known as Tiger Bay, and we wish to celebrate its heritage."

Cardiff Youth Council
Cardiff Youth Council's Welcome to Tiger Bay artwork on the front of our building
Cardiff Youth Council's Welcome to Tiger Bay artwork on the front of our building

In support of Black Lives Matter, the Youth Council have also created three pledges which closely align with our own thoughts in our Diversity Action Plan.

More artwork...

We’ve got plenty more exciting art exhibits for you to enjoy, including the work of Butetown-based artist and photographer Zaid Djerdi who applied through our Participatory Budgeting Art call-out.

Zaid’s beautiful and striking images feature in our front windows and will also appear in the Voices of Change exhibition when we reopen.

Zaid’s work has even been spotted by world-famous photographer, Rankin, and will appear in a Sky Arts programme, alongside some of the most iconic photos captured in 2020 so we’re honoured to have his work on display here for you to see.

A Black man speaking passionately into a microphone at a Black Lives Matter protest event
A Black Lives Matter protest event in Cardiff. Image by Zaid Djerdi

"I'm a Butetown resident who loves creating art in many ways. I took these images because these people are the brave voices of my thoughts and feelings. Taking photos is the one way I’m able to speak what is on my mind. 

Zaid Djerdi
A young black man wearing a mask sits on a police van's bonnet holding up a protest banner
A protestor holding up a #BLM banner in front of a police van. Image by Zaid Djerdi

"I made sure I was at the forefront, capturing these moments because I felt it was my duty as a local to portray them in the best way I could. In the future I have aspirations to make what I do best, a full-time way of life - showing the stories that make life great – so that we can learn from one another."

Zaid Djerdi

In December we're featuring a fantastic mural by local artist, Kyle Legall. Born and raised in Butetown, Kyle is always proud to showcase the multicultural roots of his home in Tiger Bay.

We are the World we are the Children

This piece is an expressive depiction of the love of a father and son. Their roots in the community reach back to all the countries that would have come into the port of Tiger Bay. See more of Kyle's work on his Instagram page @Higher_Graphics.

“I believe we all must be proud of our roots and celebrate our differences.” 

Kyle Legall

We have plenty more artwork coming up and hope you enjoy the installations as you walk past.

We’d also love to hear your feedback and suggestions for what we can do next so please follow us on Twitter and let us know what you’d like to see.