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Dewch i mewn

Focus on photography

Our latest exhibition features photography by Black, Asian and ethnically diverse young people from in and around Cardiff and is currently on display in our front windows.

a block of flats

Having read about the massive underrepresentation of Black, Asian and ethnically diverse creatives across the UK, Yusuf Ismail, an avid photographer and co founder of a newly formed Creative Studio called Unify in Cardiff, recognised that the younger generation has great influence in their communities, with the power to change mindsets and perceptions around culture, diversity and inclusion.

"Our objective in creating this workshop was to create a program that was as inclusive as possible with local partners such as Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Council and Coleg Gwent. To give young adults from our city the opportunity to learn and be exposed to the creative arts irrespective of their background. We hope to build on this and do this on a larger scale in the very near future."

Yusuf Ismail

So, he developed face-to-face workshops for Black, Asian and ethnically diverse students aged 14-18 who are moving from GCSE to Further Education.

The project will deliver three, weekend photography sessions for Black, Asian and ethnically diverse young people from in and around Cardiff.

The aim is to deliver skills and experience of the creative sector and an area of employment to those who would otherwise find it inaccessible.

white trainers

"We're extremely proud of our location in Butetown. When we were asked to help young people from Black, Asian and ethnically diverse communities get involved in photography, we wanted to enable them to build a relationship with us but also have a chance to showcase their work and we can’t wait to see how the project develops."

Gemma Hicks, Community Engagement Producer

The work on display comes from the first session, and features imagery by Amara Neale, Ayaan Hassan, Edu Ada, Ibado Hussein, Kizzi Holland, Saynab Isman and Suhur Musa.

This innovative new project is led by Unify, Coleg Gwent, Cardiff Council and Rumourless Cities and is supported by Wales Millennium Centre.