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Dewch i mewn
A group of young people stood on a stage looking upwards

Introducing our Youth Collective

What would happen if we had a group of young people who advised us on how best to deliver our projects for young people?

Well we're about to find we officially launch our newly formed youth council who call themselves the Youth Collective.

These nine young people will help to inform multiple aspects of our organisation and ensure we're an inclusive space for ALL young people.

Fahadi Mukulu

Fahadi Mukulu, the co-facilitator and the rest of the group will meet regularly to voice issues around facilities, participation, compatibility, inclusion, access, and diversity, and will work closely with our staff, and youth council facilitators to achieve this.

"We want to create an organisation that is responsive to the needs and wants of young people in the local and wider community by challenging the status quo and championing meaningful change."

Fahadi Mukulu, Co-Facilitator

Take a look at the Youth Collective's brand new film; written, performed and directed by themselves.

Meet the Youth Collective and find out more about what they'll be doing here.