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Dewch i mewn

Mae Gen I Hawl (I Have a Right)

Today, Monday 7 December is Welsh Language Rights Day, a day for us to raise awareness of the rights you have to use the Welsh language with us.

Did you know that you can:

• Talk to us in Welsh on the phone or in person (when we reopen)
• Write us a letter or email in Welsh
• Complain to us in Welsh or English if things go wrong

Our staff also have the right to access services and resources in Welsh. From the very first step - seeing a job advertised with us, to the recruitment process and throughout a career at Wales Millennium Centre.

The Work Welsh badge pinned onto a green lanyard

Over the years we have offered free Welsh courses to staff during working hours, through the National Centre for Learning Welsh, and we support Welsh speakers to use their language skills in their day-to-day work. 

Whether contacting customers, making creative content, organising events or working for the HR department, and much more, there's a wide range of jobs that call for Welsh language skills.

We went to chat to some of our staff about working through the Welsh language, and what it means to them...

The Urdd flag flying outside of Wales Millennium Centre

"I started learning around two years ago through work. I come from England, but when I started working here, I noticed that many conversations in the office were happening in Welsh and I wanted to join in. I’m very lucky that I have many opportunities to practice and my colleagues have been so supportive. I’ve also had the opportunity to work at box office during the Eisteddfods - a very special experience."

Lawrence, Customer Insight Analyst 

We host informal Clonc sessions every week - a lovely opportunity for us to get together (virtually at the moment!) and chat in Welsh. We talk about all sorts of things, from the news to music, films, and our weekend plans. It's an opportunity to socialise in Welsh and support learners.

"I appreciate being able to use my Welsh language skills at work. It has really opened my social circle to a Welsh-speaking community once again after many years of living in England. The thing I most enjoy is seeing how much my language skills have improved since I joined Wales Millennium Centre and being part of a supportive team that understand the importance of the language."

Lowri, Human Resources Officer
A girl with long hair smiling and speaking on the phone through a headset

"In my role I work bilingually and improve my language skills every day. The right to use Welsh when communicating on behalf of such an iconic theatre as Wales Millennium Centre, is something I’m very grateful for."

Jack, Social Media Manager

"I’m learning Welsh and enjoy practising with the team, customers and friends. I like speaking Welsh with my son who has just started going to a Welsh-medium primary school. I’m from France originally, and it’s important for me to learn the language of the country that I’m living in."

Sophie, Customer Relations Manager

This year has been a challenging year for everybody, so it's a pleasure today to celebrate something positive and to see our continuous improvement. Join in the campaign by using your Welsh whenever you can and using the hashtag  #MaeGenIHawl today.