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Exchange your tickets online

Need to move your tickets to another date or time, or change your seats altogether? We've now made the process even easier with online ticket exchanges.

Up to 24 hours before a performance (or 48 hours for some shows), you can now use your online account to swap your tickets to a different performance of the same production or Welsh National Opera season (subject to availability). Any Booking Protect refund protection will be carried over for your new date.

Need some help? Read on and we'll guide you through the quick and easy process.

  • Log in to My Account. You can find the icon in the top right corner of our website.
  • In your account, click My Orders on the left-hand side or on the My Account homepage.
  • Find the tickets you'd like to exchange, and click on the Exchange Tickets button next to them. A pop-up will appear that lets you choose which individual seats, refreshments or parking spaces in your order you'd like to return. Once you've chosen them, click Exchange.
  • Now you can choose your new performance and seats. Once you're happy with your selection, click Update Basket.
  • You’ll then be asked to review your basket before returning your original tickets. On this screen the details of your original seats and performance are listed as Returned and go into your basket as minus figures.
  • If your new seats are more expensive than your original order, you'll have to pay the difference. The outstanding amount will be shown as the Basket Total.
  • If your new seats are cheaper than your original order, the Basket Total on this page will show as zero. Don't worry: once you click Checkout, a pop-up will tell you that the difference will be given to you as a Credit Voucher. You can find it in the Credit Vouchers section of My Account.
  • Once you’ve clicked Checkout, you can review your order. Once you’re happy, click Proceed to Payment. If there’s anything left to pay you’ll be taken to the payment screen, but if not your exchange will go through automatically.
  • That's it! Your tickets have now been exchanged, and should be on their way to your inbox. You can start looking forward to coming on your new date.
  • Remember: once you exchange your tickets, your old tickets are no longer valid. So if you've put them into your Apple Wallet, Google Wallet or printed them out, remember to replace your old tickets with the new ones.

For more information please read our Terms and Conditions.