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Seven reasons why we love Les Mis

With one the world's greatest musicals arriving here on November 26, 2019 we've put together a handy guide to Les Misérables' best bits, so you can storm the barricades in style.

1. Our favourite song

Finishing off Act One this track is possibly the most iconic song in this world-famous score. It's Act One and it's 'One Day More' which comes up trumps as our favourite tune from Les Misérables.

 2. The saddest scene

Katie Hall Fantine in a blue dress sat on the floor singing in Les Misérables. Photo: Helen Maybanks
Katie Hall as Fantine singing 'I Dreamed A Dream'

Les Misérables is not exactly full of with happy, uplifting moments but some are just so much sadder than others such as during Fantine’s classic song 'I Dreamed A Dream' - performed by stars including Patti LuPone and more recently, Anne Hathaway. Bring your tissues :(

3. The most uplifting moment 

One more Day from the musical Les Misérables. Photo by Matthew_Murphy
'One Day More' from Les Misérables

The whole show isn’t as sad as you might think, and our favourite song 'One Day More' also delivers one the most uplifting moments in the show too. With a hugely talented cast singing such beautiful harmonies, you'll be left with goose-bumps all over.

4. Our funniest moment

Martin Ball as Thenardier singing 'Master of the House' in Les Misérables
Martin Ball as Thenardier singing 'Master of the House'

Let's face it, there's plenty of doom and gloom in Les Misérables but there are also some uplifting moments too, especially during Master and Madame Thenardier’s big song: 'Master of the House'. This upbeat number will definitely make you laugh out loud and give your spirits a lift.

5. The most amazing set on stage

The cast of Les Misérables standing on the barricades stage set
The iconic barricade

One of the reasons Les Misérables makes such an impact on audiences all over the world is the incredible set and the iconic barricade which acts as the back drop for the majority of the second half of the show always brings the drama to life.

6. Our favourite costume

As leader of the French revolution, Enrjolras’ costume has to be magnificent and his red waistcoat lined with yellow buttons is unmistakable and always stands out from the crowd.

7. The most likeable character

Nic Greenshield as Javert in Les Misérables
Nic Greenshield as Javert

It's a tough one and it's always Javert, the policeman good or bad?

Is Jean Valjean worthy of repentance? Should Marius end up with Eponine who has loved him for years, or Cosette, the girl who stole his heart from the first moment? Impossible to say! You're going to have make this call for yourself.

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