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Dewch i mewn

The Sounds of Change

Since Voices of Change launched we've had a huge variety of work submitted - from paintings to photography, poetry to film but music has also been a popular and powerful vehicle of expression.

Over the past few weeks we've received some incredibly inspirational stories and pieces of music that we hope will inspire you to create something for our exhibition.

Voices of Change is all about the future so whatever you are dealing with now, we want to know about your hopes and dreams for life on the other side.

Jude Thoburn-Price collaborated with some of her friends on Lockdown: Inner Thoughts as part of her Final Year Electronic Music degree.

"This soundscape was constructed as a time capsule of the current times we find ourselves in, due to COVID19. Imagine you are taking a walk in lockdown and as you peer inside houses you pass, you happen to overhear someone’s inner thoughts, and the sounds that surround them."

Jude Thoburn-Price

This piece features contributions from: Naomi Bells, Louise James, Francesca Murphy, Amelia Thomas, Roxie Webb, Becky Cee and Jude Thoburn-Price who are all part of Ladies of Rage, a Cardiff-based female music collective.

Gareth Evans collaborated with friends on a piece called Collab-19 by Undersound and Friends and they are now using it to raise funds for the mental health charity, Mind.

On the first night of lockdown Gareth invited friends to record themselves singing an improvised line of vocal into their phones and send it to him to create a mass collaboration track.

"It just started out as a bit of fun but turned into something far more meaningful."

Gareth Evans

It was initially just an idea for a project to involve lots of friends, and something to occupy both his time and mind but he was bowled over by the response and the track soon took on a life of its own.

Our final featured musical submission this week comes from Coppercaillie - a Swansea-based folk/ indie band who have written two beautiful pieces called Gaia and Refugee about their visions for the future. Here's their track Gaia which seems incredibly appropriate right now.

We’d love to find out more about your thoughts and feelings for the future so we can can fill our public spaces with your voices when we reopen. To find out more, discuss or send in something, please email Gemma on