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Dewch i mewn
Janatt - backstage at Wales Millennium Centre

Voices of Change

Sharing our building with audiences, communities and artists is what makes Wales Millennium Centre magical and a place for us all to enjoy, and somewhere to fire our imaginations.

While we are all staying safe, physically distant from each other, we are reminded of how fundamental the arts are, how telling stories through words, songs, music, dance, animation, not only entertains and provokes us but connects us as well, particularly when we come together to experience it.

That is when it is at its most life-affirming. So when we get the chance to gather again we want to fill this iconic building with your voices and your work.

An exhibition in the making

Hope comes from the power to make change and Voices of Change is your chance to be heard; to work together with us as a community and create a truly inspirational exhibition for the future.

We don't know exactly what it will be yet - this will depend largely on the sort of materials we receive from you over the coming months but whatever it is, our goal is for it to reflect a moment in time, where we are now and where we all want to be in the future.

We're asking everyone: our audiences, communities, musicians, poets, photographers and local artists to help us to create a new installation that fill our building and bring everyone together.

What we're looking for

This community-led project is about capturing your hopes and dreams for the future so let your imaginations run wild.

Spoken word artist, Sarah McCreadie created this original composition for Voices of Change.

You could submit a drawing or a painting, a photograph or podcast, a song or a playlist or even just a thought.

Local artist, Michael Burgess sent in this short film of lockdown in Port Talbot over the normally busy, Easter weekend.

Looking for some inspiration?

Take a look at some of the work people have sent in so far.

Perhaps during the lockdown you've realised there's something you can now do without or maybe you've discovered something you'll definitely want to keep doing once we return to normality.

What will remember most about this strange time? What are your concerns for the future? What's the first thing you'll do when social distancing ends?

Voices of Change is about capturing all of this and more. It's a conversation with us, led by you.

Taking part

By sending your material to us, you're agreeing to allow us to use it in any way in the final installation. It might appear in part or in full. You are also giving us permission to add your name to the list of creators.