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Voices of Change live workshops

Get involved in our Voices of Change exhibition by joining these fab free workshops, live on Instagram and Facebook.

Make something unique, keep it safe, and when we're able to reopen, why not add it to our epic community exhibition?

These sessions are free, and suitable for all ages. Simply join us on the day by going to our Facebook and Instagram. Take a picture of your artwork, and share on social media - remember to tag us! Read on to find out more about each session...

How to make a shaker

With June Campbell-Davies, 20 February 2021 at 10.30am

Create and decorate your very own musical instruments (shakers) from recycled items from your home.

What you'll need:

Empty Whiskers cat milk bottles or Pringles containers (or any other plastic or cardboard containers with a lid). Scissors, masking tape, copydex or PVA glue and a plastic sheet to cover surfaces. Fabrics such as hessian / wool / string / tissue paper / colourful magazines or newspapers for decoration and lentils, rice or couscous to put inside the shaker.

About the artist:

June trained as a dancer and choreographer and has worked for many years with carnival arts organisations. Her work as a freelance artist brings her into contact with many communities and organisations. Throughout the pandemic June has returned to craft work, hand sewing and has taken a fresh look at the amount of packaging we throw away.

Printing materials, leaves and glue on a table

Printmaking Using Household Items

With Sarah Featherstone, 27 February 2021 at 2.30pm

Create fun, abstract pictures with ink or paint, using a variety of household items.

What you'll need:

Plenty of paper to print onto, different paints or coloured block printing inks, a printing roller or a paint brush, a tray to mix your inks / paints in and to roll out. Some squares of cardboard to use for printing plates and PVA glue to glue your objects onto the plates.
You'll also need anything relatively flat that you have around the house. Here are some ideas: bubble wrap / string / wool / styrofoam (from the bottom of pizzas) / rubber bands/paper clips / tin foil / cardboard / leaves / scraps of net curtain or woven material / paper doilies / buttons / potato masher.

About the artist:

Sarah is an artist and writer based in Cardiff. She has worked on many community arts projects from the Lead Creative Schools scheme doing printmaking for an outdoor space, to facilitating online workshops to create content for an NHS website. She runs creative wellbeing and children’s art and creative writing sessions for Cardiff Council’s community education programme.

Autumnal scene with a large tree and leaves on the floor

Painting leaves and seeds 

With Caroline Richards, 6 March 2021 at 10.30am

Let's chat about trees. Simple outline drawings of acorns, conkers, ‘helicopter’ seeds and different leaf shapes are available to download below. We'll talk about the shapes that we see, we'll paint them and then cut them out.

This workshop is best suited to 5-7 year olds.

What you'll need:

An apron, printed outlines (see below), A4 card, poster paints or crayons, PVA glue, brushes, water and scissors.

Download an outline of an apple

Download an outline of an ash leaf

Download an outline of holly

Download an outline of horse chestnut

Download an outline of various leaves

Download an outline of an oak leaf

Download an outline of a pear

Download an outline of a pigeon

Download an outline of a squirrel

Download an outline of a sycamore seed

About the artist:

Caroline has been teaching and facilitating community art classes in Cardiff for most of her adult life. She loves carnival, dancing and playing samba as well as quieter hobbies like cycling and nature. Her usual teaching style is relaxed but friendly and encouraging. The online version maybe a little more comical – so come and join us for some creativity and enjoyment.