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Wicked lines

Wicked is with us until November 24, 2018. For fans of the hit musical, here's our guide to ten of the best lines from the show.

1. "Are people born wicked or do they have wickedness thrust upon them?"

The opening line of the show spoken by ‘Glinda’ during the song “No One Mourns The Wicked” sets up the entire plot nicely.

Wicked delves into the backstory of The Wizard of Oz, and how 'Elphaba' a once humble, green-skinned girl ends up becoming a fearful, wicked witch...but perhaps she’s nicer than we think.

2. "You’ve got me seeing through different eyes."

Without giving away any spoilers, this line from the song "As Long As You’re Mine" sung by 'Fiyero'  to 'Elphaba' represents the entire ethos of the show; of being open-minded and non-judgemental about other people's appearance.

As the song unfolds we learn that 'Fiyero' sees 'Elphaba' in a new light and isn’t just judging her by her appearance.

3. "Because I knew you, I have been changed for good."

Another huge theme in Wicked is friendship. Against all the odds, 'Glinda' and 'Elphaba' become best friends and in the song “For Good” the two women reflect on the impact they’ve had on each other’s lives.

It’s a beautifully, touching song about love and friendship and sounds amazing in the Donald Gordon Theatre.

4. "Pink goes good with green."

This line is spoken by 'Glinda' to 'Elphaba' when the two characters first become friends. 'Glinda' with her perky personality and pink clothing and 'Elphaba' with her naturally green skin.

'Glinda' realises that "pink goes good with green", but the underlying message here is of acceptance and friendship, no matter what people look like.

5. "We can’t all come and go by bubble."

There’s a reason why Wicked has been a smash hit on Broadway for 15 years and 12 years in the West’s incredibly funny.

This line from 'Elphaba' to 'Glinda' always has audiences laughing and there's great interaction between Amy Ross who plays 'Elphaba' and Helen Woolf ('Glinda') here in Cardiff.

6. "Maybe the driver saw green and thought it meant go."

This hilarious line occurs when 'Fiyero' makes his opening entrance and almost knocks over 'Elphaba' in his car, saying "Maybe the driver saw green and thought it meant go."

What’s great about this kind of slapstick comedy is that it’s something both adults and children will enjoy, and these classic one-liners keep audiences coming back for more. Aaron Sidwell brings plenty of humour to the role too.

7. "Toss toss"

'Glinda' is a superbly lovable character and in this scene (one of the funniest in the musical) she tries to teach 'Elphaba' to behave more like her.

"Toss toss" is based around an action 'Glinda' does with her hair to get the boys' attention, however 'Elphaba's' attempts at becoming more feminine and flirtatious end in complete disaster.

8. "It’s time to trust my instincts, close my eyes and leap."

These lines, sung by 'Elphaba' are from Wicked’s most famous song, "Defying Gravity."

'Elphaba' realises that there’s no going back from the situation she finds herself in but is determined to succeed, no matter what.

The lines are motivational and inspiring and portray 'Elphaba' as a strong-minded individual and a great role model for young women.

9. "My future is unlimited."

This opening line from the song "The Wizard and I" is another motivational song and explains what we’re capable of achieving when we set our minds to it.

A common theme running throughout Wicked is one of being true to yourself and going after the things you want, and this song sums it up perfectly.

10 "Fiyyyyeeerrrooooo."

Sung by 'Elphaba' in the song “No Good Deed”; this is every fan’s favourite line.

During the song, this huge show-stealing line is held for a long time by the hugely talented Amy Ross and delivers a real wow moment.