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Dewch i mewn

Cold Case is a FREE resource for schools - an original, collaborative crime fiction game where the participants are cast as cold case investigators.

Co-produced by Wales Millennium Centre and Yello Brick, it’s a critical thinking workshop aimed at young people aged 14-16, covering themes such as sexism and gender identity.

“Led by Mabli Quinn, a budding young Private Investigator, you are challenged to review the evidence of an intriguing criminal investigation that has remained unsolved for some time:The Murder of Cherry Gadwall.

Shrouded in mystery and riddled with fragmented clues and dead ends, the case remained buried and forgotten…Until now. Will you be able to help Mabli crack the case?” 

Created to be easily run by teachers in a classroom setting through either Powerpoint or Keynote, all you need to run the game is pens, paper, envelopes and a suitable computer to run the game from. It is available in both Welsh and English.

"It was lovely to have such high-quality resources to try out and the pupils have had very positive outcomes from playing the game."

Pontypridd High School