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Charlotte Church's Late Night Pop Dungeon

Charlotte Church's Late Night Pop Dungeon

Down the dark, dark stairs, upon the bloody gallows of soft rock, through the oubliette of cheese, into the torture chamber of disco, you are welcomed to the LATE NIGHT POP DUNGEON.

The Grand High Executionatrix, dungeon mistress Charlotte Church, and her ten-piece ultra-metronomic post-punk-disco-R’n’R’n’B backing band will give her MK Ultra treatment to the greatest tunes that time forgot, and some that will forever haunt our collective memory. Bring dancing shoes – the floor is on fire.

We’ve loved previously working with Charlotte – from her theatre production The Last Mermaid in 2016 to her curated night Utopia in 2018, you know you’re in for a great night. Who better to host our Saturday night afterparty?

"Pop Dungeon is not a dusty covers band who play songs note perfect to their meant-to-be, tidy ends; in their snippets and mixes they’ve more in common with 2manydjs than the Bootleg Beatles."