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Free: Recordiau Noddfa

Free: Recordiau Noddfa

30 October 2022

The North Wales independent record label for Welsh artists "who don’t give a f*ck", RECORDIAU NODDFA, have curated a free evening of psychedelic madness on the Glanfa stage for this year's Llais.

Crinc (Recordiau Noddfa)

CRINC are a “Welsh Republican Soviet Minimalist Punk Neo-Rave Post Mod Cyber Environmentally Toxic Industrial Basement Garage group."

HMS Morris (Bubblewrap Collective)

HMS MORRIS are an art-rock group from Wales. They’re supported by the Cardiff-based Bubblewrap Collective. Their 2 full-length albums to date both earned nominations for the Welsh Music Prize, and were described as ‘Innovative, forward thinking pop music’, ‘strange and beautiful music’, and a ‘multi-dimensional sound that traipses across hitherto unexplored regions of sound’ (Clash).

Pasta Hull (Recordiau Noddfa)

PASTA HULL are a North Wales based band, mixing an uncertain, yet ominous concoction of funk, hip hop, jazz, rock n roll and more.

Melin Melyn (Bingo Records)

MELIN MELYN are one of the most exciting acts to emerge from this next golden generation of Cymru artists, pushing forward on a less travelled bridge between psychedelia, surf, folk and alternative rock. The love child of legends and fellow countrymen Gruff Rhys and Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci (to name a few), their music is also distinctly unique and through their specific and multi-coloured lens.

3 Hwr Doeth (Recordiau Noddfa)

3 HWR DOETH’s music discusses multiple themes across politics and more – the cast of lyricists includes Brochwel Ysgithrog, Jac Da Trippa, BOI MA and the Arch Hwch. The group is sometimes joined by new rappers DJ Dilys, Basdish, Dr Slingdick, Gruff Lynch and more. By targeting the police, social media, grandmothers, yellow vans and biji-bos, no one gets off easy with these guys. And with Brochwel and the OG Sleb behind production, the beats are better than ever.