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Hard Côr

Hard Côr

13 October 2023

A joint Wales Millennium Centre and National Youth Arts Wales project, Hard Côr brings together musicians aged 18 – 25 to form a unique vocal collective.

The aim is for the group to come together with artists and leaders in the field of choral singing, Hip-Hop/MC-ing, beatboxing and create music by using only their voices. Participants come together to explore a range of music styles and techniques; blending choral singing with genres such as grime, hip hop and RnB, and developing a range of skills including vocalising, MCing, rapping and beatboxing.

This project offers training and music creation with the country’s best practitioners and musicians, culminating in a showcase of talent that celebrates Wales’ increasingly innovative and exciting music scene.

Start time: 7.30pm on the Glanfa stage

This performance is free - just turn up!