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Dewch i mewn
Long exposure photo on a street at night by Dee Bryan


Local photographer, Dee Bryan recently sent us some of her lockdown photography for our Voices of Change exhibition. Here's Dee in her own words explaining the motivation behind this personal project that she's called 'Solitary'.

Whilst feeling somewhat out of sorts not being able to work or do my photography, see my son as he is in university or even see friends, I decided to venture out from the new normal as we were slowly let out from the confinement’s of our homes.

I wanted to see the beauty that I yearned of this beautiful place, to show people the light at the end of a long dark tunnel. For those that couldn’t get out be it shielding or too afraid I wanted to share beauty with them.

Person stood in silhouette with the the Milky way in the sky at nigh

I chose to go on at least one adventure a week to see the sea, sunsets, waterfalls and all the stars as far as the eye could see - just me and my camera and and I started taking self portraits...well the back of me that is.

Somehow I didn’t feel so alone, I felt the warmth of the sun, as I played in cornfields like a child again and wondered how many planets could possibly harbour life much like our own.

Sometimes, even though you might think you're alone, if you appreciate your surroundings enough, if you find the child within, the one that has no fear of being alone and learned to play again; you can never fully be alone in this beautiful world we call home.

Dee Bryan

You can see more of Dee's photography on her Instagram page and website


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