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Edinburgh Previews Call-out

With the next Edinburgh Festival Fringe looming, we're offering up to nine companies the chance to preview their work in our Cabaret space.

Each company will be offered two performance slots across two weekends (19–21 and 25–27 July) in which to try out their material and make their final tweaks to get Edinburgh-ready!

What you'll get:

Tickets and financials

All companies will be on an 80/20 box office split in the visiting company’s favour, with the venue having 150 seats.

Wales Millennium Centre will run the box office and keep companies informed of their sales via weekly and then daily sales reports.

All tickets will be at a preview price of £12. VAT of 20% will be taken off the box office gross before the split (making each ticket worth £9.60, so £7.68 to you). There are no other box office costs, processing charges or deductions and no deposits payable to or by Wales Millennium Centre.

Each company will have four complimentary tickets. Any additional tickets will be taken from the visiting company’s box office share.

If you sell under 40 tickets, we reserve the right to cancel your performance.

Your show must be one hour long and be going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2024. You must not perform your show in Cardiff within the two months prior to or following your performance at Wales Millennium Centre.


Each company will be given a 90-minute slot. This allows for a 10 minute get in, 5 minutes to get the audience in and a 10 minute get out. This will be very similar to what the majority of venues in Edinburgh offer, so is a great chance to understand what is required and get in some practice.

We will have up to three slots a night scheduled for 7pm, 8.30pm and 10pm. You will need to strictly stick to the timings so other performers’ shows can run on time.

The Cabaret bar reserves the right to operate a discrete table service via a QR code throughout all shows.


Our Edinburgh preview season will best suit shows with minimal set and technical needs.

We will offer one technical rehearsal to each company up to a maximum of two hours including get in and get out of set, and provide a technician for your show.

We will have a simple wash with some colour washes available. No blackouts and no specials.

We will run sound if you provide us with a Qlab file.

We have two wireless microphones. We also have an electric piano in the space that can be used. You must bring anything else that you need.

We can offer minimal storage and requests must be pre-agreed.

We offer no onsite parking, just pick-up and drop off.

Listings and marketing

Each performance will have a designated page on the Wales Millennium Centre website for tickets and information.

To be listed on the website, you must provide 40-word copy for your show and a text-free landscape promotional image to which you hold the licence.

Each show will be given a dedicated grid post on Wales Millennium Centre’s designated Cabaret Instagram channel and two Instagram story posts .

If additional assets are provided (photos/trailers/video content) then they may be featured, but only the above posts are guaranteed.

Wales Millennium Centre will promote the Edinburgh Preview season as a whole but will not promote individual shows.

So, just like in Edinburgh, you’ll need to hustle and get creative to help generate an audience.

To apply

Please send us your 40-word copy for your show, your main marketing image (to be used on the Wales Millennium Centre website) and up to four additional images.

Please also send links to your show/performer socials, any previous reviews and any appropriate video assets.

We particularly welcome applications from Welsh or Wales-based companies and artists.

Wales Millennium Centre is a creative home for everyone; we would like to give space to people and stories that are underrepresented and support those who face discrimination. If you would like advice about your application, please get in touch.

Deadline: Monday 1 April 2024