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Rahim's Must-See Shows at Cabaret

I find myself constantly on the edge of my seat, eagerly awaiting the dazzling array of acts and performances Cabaret at Wales Millennium Centre has in store. 

This season, kicking off in April 2024, promises to be an absolute treat with some of my all-time favourite acts and artists, and new ones I can’t wait to discover. Out of an irresistible lineup, I've selected six shows that are simply in my opinion too good to miss.

Altered States

Kicking things off with ALTERED STATES, featuring the incredible talents of Anniben (pictured), Justin Drag, Serenity, and Jordropper, I first became aware of Anniben while hosting Draglings at The Queer Emporium. From their very first performance, it was clear they were something special. With a unique blend of lyrical performance and dance, each performance they give is an unforgettable experience.

Having the privilege to share the stage with Justin Drag and Jordropper was a highlight I'll always treasure. Let me tell you, Wales is beyond fortunate to have such dynamic and powerful performers gracing its stages. Also a reminder of the pressing need to provide more platforms for Drag Kings, who bring unparalleled vibrancy to the performance landscape. Justin's performance in Queerway stands out in my memory as one of the most captivating and memorable acts of last year.

Altered States: 5 April 2024

Gallifrey Cabaret

The second show on my must-see list is GALLIFREY CABARET. Now, I must confess, I'm not exactly a Whovian – heck, I wouldn't know a TARDIS if it landed in my backyard. But, having caught last year's show at Cabaret, I've been converted, at least to the point where I'll be telling my kids that Gallifrey Cabaret is THEE Doctor Who. Sure, I had my buddy Craig there to decipher some of the references for me, yet not being in on every joke didn't dim my enjoyment one bit. In fact, I'm of the opinion that jokes are somehow funnier when they're out of context.

Death Becomes Us

Being gay, HIV positive, and an asylum seeker – now thankfully a refugee, I never imagined I'd see past my 30s. Yet, here I am, falling in love with life more than ever before. It's precisely this renewed zest for life that draws me to DEATH BECOMES US by Hannah Whittingham. The show challenges us with a provocative premise: 'Our lives could be made richer by talking about death.' And you know what? I wholeheartedly agree. Admittedly, I wasn't familiar with Hannah Whittingham, so a quick Google led me to discover her voice, which, on its own, is a good reason to attend.

Death Becomes Us: 25 April 2024

Aisha Kigs

Speaking of voice, let's talk about AISHA KIGS—oh, can that girl SING! My introduction to Aisha came through my friends circle, long before I had the pleasure of hearing her voice or meeting her in person. My first experience of her live performance was at Dathliad Cymru-Affrica, and let me tell you, each time she took the stage, I was absolutely blown away by the sheer power of her voice. Imagine the gentle voice of Alicia Keys combined with the strength of Jennifer Hudson – that's the best way I can describe Aisha's mesmerizing vocal talent.

In Bed with Esther Parade 

IN BED WITH ESTHER PARADE reveals that Esther Parade has more tricks up her sleeve (or her sleeping gown) than one might expect. There's always a surprise that turns a regular evening into an extraordinary party whenever she takes the stage. I make sure to have my Shazam at the ready because Esther has a habit for reintroducing old classics you'll find yourself adding track after track to your playlist.

Come As You Are! - Cardiff Cabaret Club

Before working with FOOFOO Labelle, I thought burlesque was all 'take your top off, take your bottom off, bend and snap’. Who knew there was more to it? Turns out, there's a whole other world out there. Cardiff Cabaret Club has quickly become a staple in my go-to shows, and adding Cadbury Parfait (pictured), the queen of lingerie, to the lineup? Just wow. I've been following her on Instagram forever, so when FOOFOO mentioned she'd be part of the show, I practically tripped over myself rushing to get my ticket.


And finally if you bought your ticket to one of these shows, I will see you there, say hi.

Rahim EL Habachi


Events range from £7 – £20, with discounted tickets available for those who are living with a disability, students, under 30s and the unwaged. Discover all the delights that we have in store this season.