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Six great reasons to volunteer here

Ian and Jane are part of our team who, like seventeen year old Morgan, volunteer their time here as Membership and Engagement volunteers. Here's why they enjoy it so much...

1. Volunteering is really flexible

Jane: I’ve always loved the Centre; it's a fascinating building; full of passion and creativity. Being a Membership and Engagement volunteer is great for me, as I can’t walk around too much, so being stationed at the Membership Desk in the foyer is perfect.

2. You get to make a real contribution

Ian: One of the things I missed most when I retired was being part of a team. I love feeling like I am still able to make a contribution and be appreciated for what I do, so I get a lot back personally.

Jane: Having the opportunity to chat to people about this wonderful place is great for my confidence and I feel like I am back in the community now, making friends and passing on my knowledge, as well as learning new things.

3. You get to raise money for a great cause

Ian: The money raised from all our memberships allows us to bring creativity and the performing arts to people who may not have had an opportunity before, which is especially important for younger people.

4. You make a difference to people's lives

Jane: By engaging with people, volunteers can make people's theatre experience even more special. It might be their first visit or perhaps they've had such a great time that they want to become members and get all the extra benefits - ticket offers, exclusive events, best seats etc.

5. You meet people from all walks of life

Ian: I love the atmosphere; you only have to walk into this incredible building to feel the buzz of the place.

I enjoy relating to people, talking to them and hoping through these conversations that we can increase the number of members we have, to support the theatre, help fund our outreach work and fire the imaginations of the next generation.

6. It's loads of fun

Jane: Just do it. It is a fabulous experience; it's very flexible and you'll have lots of fun!

We’re looking for volunteers from all backgrounds and ages, to chat to customers about our member benefits and the charitable work membership helps to deliver. Visit our volunteering section and become a volunteer today.