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Dewch i mewn
The two members of New Wave are wearing sunglasses and pointing at the camera.

Sunday Sessions

Every month we'll be hosting some of Wales' most interesting emerging artists at our Radio Platfform studio in our brand new free event, Sunday Sessions.

Discover your new favourite acts in a relaxed afternoon of music covering a variety of genres from 2 - 5pm on 24 April 2022.

Make your own music? We're running an open mic session from 4pm (after the scheduled artists have performed) for your chance to step up and perform.

If you'd like to be involved in the open mic session, just email us at, and bring a USB (with your backing tracks on) or any acoustic instruments you'll need for your performance.

Our first Sunday Session kicks off with these four amazing artists:

New Wave are one of the most exciting acts currently coming out of the emerging MOBO Wales music scene. The duo bring nothing but pure energy! Check out their latest single 'Different'.

Mali Hâf’s music is an amalgamation of her varied influences, all interpreted in a very personal way. The Welsh born singer-songwriter grew up loving both Celtic music along with R&B, and her growing artistry through that lens has resulted in music that is both compelling and unusual.

Hana Lili is a London-based Welsh singer-songwriter whose music has even featured on Love Island! Delving into her emotions, curiosities and life experiences she creates truly powerful self-produced acoustic tracks. You can check out her latest EP 'Flowers Die in the Summer' 

Conrad Stone creates a unique sound with elements of alternative rap music, trap and hip-hop all heard in his music. Coming from a background of an MC he has really developed his music in the last few years. You can listen to some of his latest music below.

Catch all these artists + the open mic performances on Sunday 24 April 2022 at the Sunday Sessions, hosted at Radio Platfform inside the Centre.