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Three reasons not to miss The Nature of Why

The Nature of Why has been described as a truly boundary-breaking immersive experience and it's here for just three nights from May 9 - 11 in our Weston Studio.

It's not every day you get to go on stage at a gig or join in during a dance performance. Well now is your chance.

Here's Lloyd Coleman, composer, multi-instrumentalist and Paraorchestra Associate Musical Director with his take on what makes this performance so special...

1. The Music

Brought vividly to life by the Paraorchestra’s musicians, Will Gregory’s score is playful, colourful and is music that deserves to be experienced live.

With pulsating percussion beats, epic electric guitar solos and driving base lines, it is truly an evocative and cinematic piece.

2. The Movement

You’ll be seeing things you wouldn’t usually see as the musicians and dancers move as one.

With choreography by Caroline Bowditch, expect the unexpected as singers lay on their backs, double basses get passed over people’s heads and marimbas get spun on their wheels!

3. The Immersive Experience

Every audience member is at the heart of the show as the dancers, musicians and you share the performance space.

Get up-close and personal as the action unfolds in front of your eyes and feel fully immersed in the whole experience.