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Voices of Change...Your story so far

We've been blown away by the variety and quality of the work you've all been sending in so far for our Voices of Change project. Here's a taster of YOUR story so far.

Ace Jones from The Rising Stars Youth Theatre Company sent us this beautiful rendition of the Rainbow Children's poem about children who have lived through this current coronavirus situation.

We had some stunning artwork from you too. If you're following us on social then you might have seen Keith Murrell's vibrant portrait entitled: 'King Nebuchadnezzar’s Nemesis' already. This is Keith's take on dystopian conspiracy theories - a friend thought he looked like The Wizard of Oz!

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Kim from Pembroke Dock has been taking photos since lock down began. She's just turned 63 and lives alone so gave herself a project to maintain her mental health, taking photographs of things that were also alone. Here's her first 50 days in pictures.

"I have found a lot of pleasure in noticing the ordinary, simple things around that perhaps get overlooked in the normal busy days. I hope we can all continue to keep this pleasure in our lives."

Km Evans

Local artist Michael Burgess sent in this short film of life in Port Talbot during the early stage of the pandemic when life was eerily quiet.

Freelance writer Edward Lee, who is an Outreach and Training Officer for Radio Platfform, wrote a short poetic story called 'Truth Like Glass' about someone wandering through Cardiff, and their eventual arrival at Wales Millennium Centre. Here's a short excerpt from it...

There’s a kind of amphitheatre, where the young people are hosting a performance of sorts.I must admit, I’m rather tired from the day’s events, so I take a seat in the final flickers of daylight’s warmth, and let these performers plunge me into another world, if only for an hour or so.

Edward Lee

Artist, Joanne Davies sent in this poignant painting entitled: Lockdown~Love knows no boundaries #NHS

Lockdown~Love - a painting by Joanne Davies

Welsh composer, Derri Joseph Lewis sent us an adaptation of his graduation piece for the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama exploring the question: Can you teach a computer to improvise?

TRI/O was supposed to have been premiered as part of the Atmospheres Music festival 2020 but was cancelled due to COVID19.

"COVID19 pandemic forced me to create the piece in an entirely new way that is still very fitting to the nature and concept of the work."

Derri Lewis

Derri took this as an opportunity to develop the piece into a new solo work that could be performed in socially distanced settings and online. The electronics use machine learning to imitate the ways musicians improvise.

If you're feeling inspired by what you've seen then we'd love to hear from you. Email us at or tag us in your social posts. You can find out more about this project in our Voices of Change blog.

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