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Dewch i mewn

As a large venue that has an annual footfall of 1.5 million and serves as a cultural campus and home to several other organisations, we acknowledge that our operations and activities have an impact on the environment.

We recognise the climate crisis and the need for every one of us to take action and take our responsibility seriously, working to ensure that we operate in a sustainable way, minimising waste and adhering to best practice.

Here are some of the things we’re doing:

  • We procure our electric and gas at better than market valve and carefully monitor our usage throughout the year.
  • Any replacement equipment must have a better energy rating than the previous equipment, meaning that we are constantly improving our energy usage.
  • We reduce waste by using biodegradable containers and by recycling kitchen food waste.
  • We continually replace older lighting with energy efficient equivalents such as LED.
  • We’re installing active controls to switch lighting on/off to save energy.
  • We replaced our Building Management System, allowing us to have proactive control of energy.
  • We offer e-tickets (digital tickets) for every show and event. Since launching our e-tickets 45% of our audiences opt for these instead of paper tickets. During the Coronavirus pandemic all tickets have been sent out electronically. This initiative ensures that we reduce the use of paper and postage.
  • We ensure that the processes and practises used in creating our arts and creative activity are environmentally sustainable including ensuring they have the lowest carbon footprint possible. We will carry out an audit of the carbon footprint created by our arts and creative Activity, throughout 2021-22.
  • We work with Keep Wales Tidy on initiatives to manage waste effectively across the site.

Environmental Policy

We believe that the safety and welfare of our employees and the public are closely linked to environmental stewardship. As such our environmental policy includes references to safety and health as well as the environment.

Our policy is based on the principles of continuous improvement, compliance with all relevant laws and regulations and pollution prevention.

Read our Environmental Policy to find out more about our commitment to safety, health and environmental stewardship.

We’re continually looking for ways to improve and hope to have more to share with you over the coming months and years.