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Dewch i mewn

As an organisation we decided that in order to remain relevant and useful to young people we needed to make space for them and their voices to be heard here.

This led to the creation of our youth council who call themselves the Youth Collective, who will help to inform multiple aspects of our organisation and ensure we're an inclusive space for young people.

The Youth Collective will meet regularly to voice issues around facilities, participation, compatibility, inclusion, access, and diversity, and will work closely with our staff, and youth council facilitators to achieve this.

Our first cohort of 2021 will work closely with ourselves, Sita Thomas - one of our Creative Associates, former chair of the Cardiff Youth Council - Fahadi Mukulu and Rhiannon White from Commonwealth Theatre.

"It's an exciting time for us to be working with such a talented group of young people who will help us make key decisions around the work we do with young people."

Jason Camilleri, Senior Producer - Arts and Creative

Introducing our Youth Collective

The Youth Collective decided to launch themselves with a short film featuring a powerful spoken word piece written by Tia Camilleri and performed together as a collective. The film was directed by Sita Thomas, Fahadi Mukulu and Safyan Iqbal and filmed in and around the building.

Meet the nine members of our Youth Collective who will be bringing new skills and a fresh pair of eyes to the work we do here with young people...

Cara Walker
Cara Walker

Hi my name is Cara Walker and I’m part of the Youth Collective. As a young mixed race Black Woman in Wales, I'm directly affected by injustice every day; however this only motivates me to make change in my community and eventually on a larger scale too.

The Youth Collective is a perfect place to create change: starting with young people.

Through the collective I aim to build spaces for the people most negatively affected by inequality like: young, queer and people of colour.

This combined with my love for philosophy and interest in politics will drive the successes of our board in creating positive change in Wales.

Eva Maynard
Eva Maynard

I’m Eva, aged 13 and I love baking, reading and sports, as well as learning and standing up for social justice. I joined the Youth Collective because I believe that young people should have more representation in the decisions being made around us, especially the ones that affect us.

I hope to offer my voice, get involved in more projects, and meet new people. I also think the Youth Collective can support our diverse community of all races, genders and ages by celebrating our differences together.

Fahadi Mukulu
Fahadi Mukulu

I'm Fahadi, the co-facilitator of the Youth Collective - the official voice for young people within Wales Millennium Centre (WMC).

As the former chair of the Cardiff Youth Council, I know how important it is to give underrepresented people an outlet to express their opinions whilst supporting them in achieving tangible change.

With this group, we aim to reconstruct WMC into an organisation that has young voices embedded into all the decision making within the organisation.

We want to create an organisation that is responsive to the needs and wants of young people in the local and wider community by challenging the status quo and championing meaningful change.

Lili Walford
Lili Watford

Shwmae, I'm Lili, aged 15 and my passion is playing the violin, singing and doing drama and I love spending time with friends down at the beach.

I joined the Youth Collective because I think the use of Welsh in the arts is limited and should be used more as part of bilingual performances.

I also believe that young people should be informed more about the language, and more performances should be written in the Welsh language.

I'm proud to have joined the youth council and have already met new people and gained confidence, sharing my ideas.

My personal goal is to inform adults and young people about the arts through the medium of Welsh and to try to educate people about the importance of the Welsh language in the arts.

Megan Jenkins
Megan Jenkins

I’m Meg aged 19 and I enjoy reading and creating art and intend to study illustration at university.

I joined the Youth Council to have some input on the decisions being made that will affect young people visiting the Centre. I’m excited to hear the opinions of others and working together to try to make a change.

Molly Garland
Molly Garland

I’m Molly, aged 19 and my main passions are filming, video editing and music. I joined the Youth Collective as I believe young people deserve a voice now more than ever and need to be heard.

In an ever-changing society I feel it is important to speak out on important social injustices and do what we can to help others.

Through the Youth Collective I hope to offer my knowledge of what it's like to be a young person in today’s society and to explore and create a better, more diverse community to enjoy in Cardiff and the Centre.

Ryan Stead
Ryan Stead

Hello my name is Ryan Stead, I’m a 25 year old actor and freelance creative from the Rhondda Valley, South Wales. I am passionate about working class stories and artists from underrepresented locations in Wales having their work, creativity and voices heard.

I joined the Youth Collective to offer a voice and to look at discovering new ways of working from an early career artist’s perspective. I aim to support ideas within future discussions, developments and the creation of new spaces, facilities and programmes, to ensure Wales Millennium Centre is accessible to all.

Safyan Iqbal
Safyan Iqbal

Hey, I’m Saf, I'm 24 and love listening to music and podcasts, filmmaking and editing, and I’m also an actor. I joined the Youth Collective because I don't think there is enough young representation - we are skilled and we’re able to bring change.

In all communities whether it's a diverse one or an Asian community  - everywhere, young representation is crucial. We are stronger together and our collective will make change happen.

Younger people have a strong message to tell and this gives us an opportunity to show that we can do it. We’re here to show that there are no limitations and we’re ready to break through barriers.

Santino Sayers-Gillan
Santino Sayers-Gillan

I’m Santino Sayers-Gillan, aged 20 and currently studying creative media with hopes to work in the film and TV industry. I'm passionate about creating my own weird pieces of digital artwork, making strange short films and anything automotive.

I joined the Youth Collective because I think the Centre could become a brilliant community space for young people across Wales and I'd love to help it reach its full potential.

I am queer and neurodiverse, and I hope that I can make the voices of the LGBTQ+ and neurodivergent young people heard whilst making the centre as accessible and welcoming as possible for all.

Sita Thomas
Sita Thomas

Hi, I’m Sita, I’m the co-facilitator of the Youth Collective and a Creative Associate at Wales Millennium Centre.

I'm passionate about supporting young people to make the change that they are ready and eager to make, and to support young people being creative and enjoying the arts in Wales.

I would have loved the opportunity to be part of a Youth Collective like this when I was younger growing up in Pembrokeshire.

I am so excited to work with our group now to inspire the whole organisation, and to drive social and cultural change, through the power of these young people, their voices, views and creative expression.

Tia Camilleri
Tia Camilleri

Hello! I'm Tia. I am a 17 year old student with an interest in politics and current affairs. I hope to go into the media industry where I can be a voice for young, working class, black/mixed race people.

Aside from my political interest, I enjoy sewing and creative writing - specifically poetry and spoken word. I am passionate about change for the better which is the exact reason I joined the Youth Collective.

I think our youth voice is overlooked too often when in fact it is vital and needs to be listened to. The youth board is a platform for this. I hope to make more people aware of the Centre and it’s amazing projects and to make it more accessible to everyone.