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Dewch i mewn

Audiences and communities are at the heart of everything we do. Here are some of the initiatives we're committed to delivering. 

Giving every voice a platform

We’re developing a more diverse programme including original work by and for communities, on our stages, in our public spaces and across our digital platforms, connecting with audiences in a meaningful way

Reflecting the communities we work with

We’re investing in building a more diverse and representative workforce that celebrates and encourages difference.

Putting co-production at the heart of what we do

We’re finding opportunities to build community voice and representation where communities are able to make decisions.

Enabling Access 

We are committed to providing support so anyone and everyone can access work across our stages through community ticketing, accessible performances and developing work for new audiences. We do this by:

Breaking down barriers

We create opportunities, offer training and mentoring and develop informal volunteering that builds better relationships and understanding between us and communities.

Creating a space

Wasteless African Supper Club

By giving opportunities to communities to plan, curate and perform at community events, in our public spaces and within signature events like Llais we create spaces for people to tell stories about themselves, their histories and cultures.

Connecting with our audiences

Through our community ticketing scheme we give people who wouldn’t normally have a chance to engage in the arts the same opportunities as those who attend and engage frequently. And with our community ambassadors we are engaging communities in conversation about the work that we produce and present.

Being led by the community

We believe in a community development approach with co-production at its heart and we're committed to making sure the work we do remains relevant. We know we don’t have all the answers yet but we're excited to see where communities take us next on this journey.

So far we've already...

  • Supported the communities in our surrounding area to build their own stories and present their own work through carnival, music and storytelling. 
  • Provided opportunities for artists based in the community to perform at our Community Banquets and develop their work in our Scratch programmes. 
  • Re-opened community performances in the Glanfa to encourage people to share their work. 
  • Started work with the ambassadors to design a ticketing scheme that works for them and their communities. 
  • Enabled more community tickets to be available by developing relationships with producers to support this work 
  • Committed to growing our £2, £4 and £8 ticketing scheme to bring in new audiences. 
  • Created opportunities to showcase work in public spaces using a participatory budgeting model where communities make the decisions about the work that is developed.  
  • Worked with Tempo Time Credits to build and grow our networks and work with individuals to shape our programme. 
  • Developed a partnership with Job Centre Plus around mentoring and building skills for life into our programmes. 
  • Committed to opening up our Donald Gordon Theatre to create a yearly showcase of community performances for everyone to see. 
  • Started work to move towards community representation at Board level. 

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